Justin Bieber Imagines.

Imagines about you and Justin.
I'll write in English and Danish.
Tell me which kind of Imagines I should do.
Sad, romantic, with fights, fun or whatever you want. ;) And which languages, English or Danish.
I won't write any dirty imagines or personal.
- Love.


3. Romantic

Your P.O.V.


You ate some of your cupcake and looked at Justin.

Justin: Give me a kiss, baby"

You giggled and leaned in. So did he. You closed your eyes, so did he. Before your lips could touch, you opened your eyes and stopped the cupcake into his mouth. He opened his eyes and spat it all out again. 

You stood up and ran out of the kitchen.

Justin: (Y/N)! Come back!"

You ran into the living room with Justin behind you. You laughed so hard he just rolled his eyes and giggled a bit. 

You: "Catch me if you can" You winked at him and you ran around the couch. He just tried to catch you, but he was too slow. You stuck your tongue out and ran while you looked at him.

That's when you failed. Suddenly you laid on the floor with your face against the ground. You turned around so you could look at your stupid boyfriend. He just laughed at you. 

You: "Fuck you!" You yelled with a smile.

Justin: "Oh, you wanna do that? I'm totally fine with that." He said lifting you up to him. He placed his hands under your thighs. You wrapped your legs around him. 

Justin: "If we are going to fuck. You have to give me that freaking kiss first." 

You giggled, but you wouldn't kiss him. You don't want sex right now.


You laughed and kissed him. You pulled back minutes after and looked into his eyes.

You: "But I don't want sex. Right now.." 

Justin: "So you want it later, huh?"

You: "No, I'm not good friends with Jerry"

He laughed and kissed your cheek.

You: "You want a cupcake?"

Justin: "You already smashed one in my face, baby"

He said baby!

You: "I thought you'd always be mine, mine.. Baby, baby, baby, oooh! I'm like baby, baby, baby, oooh!"

Justin: "God, I love you."

You: "Did you know that I loved you? Or were you not aware? You're the smile on my face. And-"

Justin: "Babe, I love you, but as long as you keep-"

You: "As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me."

Justin: "Please stop, shawty"

You: "Awww, I love when you call med that."

You kissed him and bit his lip. He let a moan escape his lips and you giggled.

You pulled back and kissed his nose. 

Justin: "I love you more than anything"


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