Justin Bieber Imagines.

Imagines about you and Justin.
I'll write in English and Danish.
Tell me which kind of Imagines I should do.
Sad, romantic, with fights, fun or whatever you want. ;) And which languages, English or Danish.
I won't write any dirty imagines or personal.
- Love.


5. Fight. #Part 1

Your P.O.V

You felt his arm around you and you smiled to yourself.

"Why are you together with .. him?"

He said 'him' in a disgusted way. You shrugged your shoulders and looked at him.

"I love him" You really did.

He shoke his head and looked at you. 

"Yeah, sure you do.." He said so you clearly could hear the sarcasm in his voice. You shoke your head and laughed a bit. Typical him.

"I need to go. See you" you were about to walk away when he pulled you into a hug. You smiled, but felt it was a bit awkward.

He walked away after, what felt like minutes.

You walked a bit down the hallway when someone grabbed your wrist . It hurt a because the person had a tight grip.

"Ouch, Justin! What the fuck are you doing? It hurts!" You snapped after him. 

He pulled you a bit closer to him only tightening his grip around your wrist.

"What the fuck did I do?" He normally didn't act like this. You wrinkled you forehead slightly.

"Stop acting so innocent" He said with gritted teeth.

"What are you talking about?!" 

"I saw that guy hugging you. Holding around you. Kissing you on the cheek." He was mad. Like really. You could see the anger flash in his eyes.

"Shut up. I have nothing to do with Jason! He is one of my best friends and you have to fucking respect that!" You snapped after him.

You finally got your wrist out of his tight grip and there was a red mark after where his hand were placed.

"Fuck, you are sick!" You yelled looking from your wrist to him.

You walked slowly backwards only to get away from him. 

"Get the fuck back here!" He screamed walking after you, catching up speed.

You turned around and ran out of the doors to the parking lot. You heard him yell your name and the tears began to roll down your cheeks.

You sat down on the stairs to the parking lot. You cried so hard. He really hurt your wrist and you saw marks after his nails scratching your skin.

"(Y/N)!" You heard him scream after you. You heard footsteps getting closer and you knew he would hurt you even more. Before you could say anything he stood right in front of you.

"Don't hurt me.." You whispered. Justin didn't act this way normally. What happened to him?!

You've never cried in front of him before. He saw the tears and leaned down so he could look you in the eyes, but you looked in another direction.

You felt his hands grab your jaw and turn your head to him. You closed your eyes and were ready to get hit.

"Look me in the eyes" He said between gritted teeth.

You opened your eyes and before you could think of what he was about to do. He got pushed down from the stairs.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" You heard Justin yell at Jason.

They were standing in front of each other looking really angry.

You walked down the stairs and placed yourself between the both of them.

"Stop! You are both so selfish. Please let it go.."  You sighed and began to walk away. You turned around when you were a few meters away from them and looked at Justin.

"And Justin. We're done."

You ran home. You couldn't wait for the bus, the boys would just catch you up and fight. You walked in and closed the door. You locked it just to be sure no one could get in. You walked upstairs and stripped out of your clothes.

You got in the shower and closed your eyes. The hot water on your naked body felt so good.

You heard something open the door to the bathroom and you smiled. The thought of your mom getting home made you relax a bit. Just knowing you could talk to her made you released..

"(Y/N)?" A deep voice asked. Fuck, it was definitely not your mom..


Haven't edited this.. so hope it's okay. Well this imagine has two parts so I'll post the second part 'soon'.. haha, 

- Like, fan and comment. It will make a belieber happy!<3

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