Justin Bieber Imagines.

Imagines about you and Justin.
I'll write in English and Danish.
Tell me which kind of Imagines I should do.
Sad, romantic, with fights, fun or whatever you want. ;) And which languages, English or Danish.
I won't write any dirty imagines or personal.
- Love.


4. Birthday Cake

Your P.O.V.

You sat up and yawned. 

Justin: "Happy birthday, love"

You looked at him and smiled. You hadn't seen him in a month, because of his tour. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed back and smiled in the kiss. You pulled back after minutes of kissing.

Justin: "You've missed me?"

You nodded and smiled twice as big than before. 

You: "Of course I did. I'm so happy you're here, Justin!"

Justin: "It's your birthday. I won't miss that, baby"

You smiled and was about to kiss him when something pushed you away. He held a gift up in front of him. You smiled even bigger if that was even possible.

Justin: "This is for you love.."

You looked at Justin then at the gift. It was a big gift. You smiled so much and you were so happy you never thought anything could ruin your mood. It was already an amazing morning. And Justin was home with you.

There was a tiny box in it. You opened the little box. You saw the most beautiful gold ring ever with a 'J' in gold on it. There was diamonds in the J, but only a few in the side.

Justin: "(Y/N)"

You looked at him and saw him sitting on one knee on the floor.

Justin smiled with a cute smirk. You knew it was because of your expression on your face and your reaction. But it was a lot that already had happened this morning. You woke up for like 15 minutes ago.

Justin: "You wanna marry me?"

Your smile faded and tears began to appear in your eyes. 

You let a pair of tears fall and you sat down on the floor right in front of him. You kissed him and mumbled a 'yes' in the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and you just let the happy tears roll sown your cheeks.

He pulled back and took the ring from the little box.

Justin: "May I, Mrs. Bieber?"

You nodded and cried at the same time. He took your hand and kissed it before he let the ring slip on your finger. He looked into your eyes and smiled. 

Justin: "I love you, (y/n)"

You: "I love you too, Jussy"

He lifted you up from the floor and laid you in the bed. He held your hand and began to kiss your body. You were still in your red bra and thong. 




After an hour you both laid naked next to each other with a heavy breath.

Justin: "(Y/N)?"

You: "Yeah, Jus?"

Justin: "You're mine. Only mine."

He wrapped his arms around your body and kissed you. You laid there and cuddled for the rest of the day. 


So, I know, this was bad. It wasn't that good, but I have writers-block. And I'm really trying to fight it, but I'm a freaking weak person who can't even remember to feed my cat. And no, it's not dead.. yet. Well, like if you like it.. and don't if you don't like it.. Comment, fan, like. Love peepz<3

(Sorry for grammar mistakes. I haven't edited this)

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