Best of Two

Samantha is jut an ordinary high school chick... until these british twins come in from the UK named Harry Styles and Marcel Styles.

Harry Styles was the popular. He was very athletic, and got into the football team (and sooner became the captain), outgoing, and very outgoing. Meanwhile, Marcel is the total opposite. Nerdy, quiet, and likes to keep to himself sometimes. With Harry's oscar-winning smile and luscious curly locks, and Marcel's gelled up hair with big squared polished glasses, it's obvious to know that Harry's the hot twin.

Next thing you know, every girl is eyeing Harry Styles and Samantha has also fallen for the british charm. Knowing all the girls have better chance, with him Samantha hatches a plan to get closer to Harry. She decides to be-friend Marcel.


6. Twin Mysteries

Harry sat me on his bed. At first I was scared, but it's Harry. Then again... it's hARRY. My fingers started trembling as I was waiting for the thunder to sound. Harry sat beside me.

"Sam, it' alright I'm here okay..." Harry reassures me. "In all honesty, I used to be scared of thunder myself."

"Y-You were?" I hesitatingly ask. 


I jumped unto Harry's lap without thinking, and buried my face on his chest. I'd have to say I liked the feeling. But I was trembling. I couldn't help it. I loved his smell, the smell of his cologne. Harry wrapped his arm around me comfortingly. He rubbed the my back to reassure e everything's okay.

"W-W-Why your room?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Why not?" He says with a smirk. Harry started to lean his face towards mine slowly. Is this what I think it was going to be? Maybe Harry does like me. I know I heard the conversation him and his brother had but, how if maybe I'm different.

Our faces were inches away when Marcel walked in. We quickly pulled away. Marcel just stared at us for a few seconds then gave me the water. At first he looked hurt but then a smile went on his face.

"Geez, you could've asked me if you guys needed privacy." Marcel said, then quickly he slammed the door before he ran out.

"Whoa, someone's jealous." Harry says. He gave me a smirk. He starts leaning his head towards mine slowly again. I know I should've liked this but something isn't right. I don't want my first kiss with Harry to be like this. I know, I shouldn't care about Marcel but something about our car ride to Tim Hortons I can't get out of my head...

"Why are you being so nice Marcel? I haven't really done anything nice for you than just boss you around."

I remember asking him. 

"Because we're friends... And I haven't had a friend in a while."

And the answer he gives me. Something about it.

"Harry, I can't." I tell him quickly. 

"Why not, love?" He was now just inches away from my face. I could feel his breath on it. 

"B-Because Harry."

His lips slightly brushed against mine, but it wasn't a kiss. He backed up and smirked.

"Whatever you say, Princess." He says. He then pulls out his phone. He started to call someone.

"Hey, Taylor what's up!" Harry says. I couldn't believe it. Is he actually just doing that?! "Yeah. Uhuh. My place. Yeah. Can't wait, love. Okay. Yeah. See ya, babe." He hung up his phone. He looked at me, expecting me to probably rage out the door. He knew I knew what he did. I see how confused he is. 

"Thought I'd just rage on you, right?" I say to him. He just sat there beside me, dumbfounded. "Harry, it's not like we were dating. Besides, one of the reasons why I didn't want to kiss you is because of maybe what you and Taylor have. And Harry, they say I'm good at reading people. Looking at you I can tell you never wanted to hurt me, you just want to hurt me before you start hurting yourself. You don't want to get too close to people because you're scared to gain feelings. So you do this and that to a girl until you feel like it should just stop."

I looked outside his bedroom window and I saw that there was no more rain and now it was a bit sunny but cloudy.

"I'm going to go now, but it was nice talking to you Harry." I say to him. He still stared at me, dumbfounded-ly. I flashed him a polite smile, and slowly went out of his room, and closed his door.


What just happened.

Thoughts, lots of thoughts swirled in my head. 

How did she do that? Just how? 

I start to fidget my fingers. I get my phone and typed in Taylor's number. The phone slowly rang.

TAYLOR: Hey Harry
HARRY: Taylor, sorry you can't come right now.
TAYLOR: What?!
HARRY: Something went up and I can't right now.
TAYLOR: Yeah, okay, sure Harry. WHATEVER. It's not like I expected you to actually like me.
HARRY: Taylor--

She hung up on me. But the thing is, she was right. I wouldn't have even liked her anyways. Like what Sam said though, I just do it because I just.. well.


I can't stop thinking about what she said. 


I went inside Marcel's room and I walked in into him about to open an orange plastic container full off pills. He quickly closes them and puts it in a brown paper bag.

"SAMANTHA, HAVE YOU FUCKIN HEARD OF KNOCKING ON A DOOR?" Marcel yelled at me. He seemed different I got scared.

"I-I'm sorry Marcel I--"


"Marcel, nothing happened please calm do--"


A tear trickled down my cheek. If I keep fighting him, he's not gonna listen anyways. But he just keeps yelling.

"I'm sorry Marcel, I better go off and leave." More tears start to form. 

"W-Wait," he says calmly. He pulls my arm and made me look at him, exposing my tear-stained face to him. He pulled me in to his chest, comforting me with a hug. I stayed silent for a few moments then started crying on him. 

"I'm sorry Sam, that has never happened to me, I--"

"Marcel it's fine. I-I'm gonna walk home now though."

"Sam, you can't walk all the way there."

"Oh, I can though."

I left his room and saw Harry outside the door. I looked at him then looked away, as I began to walk out their front door. 

I pulled out my headphones and picked a song on my iPhone. I started to listen to "93 Million Miles" by Jason Mraz.

Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come back home.....

I listened to song's deep lyrics and thought of my family life. I began to cry again. After just 5 minutes of walking a car pulls up by me.

"Sam." I heard. I expected it to be Marcel. I turned around and it was Harry. "Get in."

"Why should I? To lead me back in your room?" I said with a small chuckle, as I wipe my tears.

"No, no, not that-- maybe let's go get some ice-cream right now or something."

"No thanks, Harry. A lot has happened in one day."

"At least let me drive you home."

I sighed and got into the car.

What have I got myself into. What DID I get myself into? The Styles twins are both mysteries. And I definitely want to figure them out.

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