Best of Two

Samantha is jut an ordinary high school chick... until these british twins come in from the UK named Harry Styles and Marcel Styles.

Harry Styles was the popular. He was very athletic, and got into the football team (and sooner became the captain), outgoing, and very outgoing. Meanwhile, Marcel is the total opposite. Nerdy, quiet, and likes to keep to himself sometimes. With Harry's oscar-winning smile and luscious curly locks, and Marcel's gelled up hair with big squared polished glasses, it's obvious to know that Harry's the hot twin.

Next thing you know, every girl is eyeing Harry Styles and Samantha has also fallen for the british charm. Knowing all the girls have better chance, with him Samantha hatches a plan to get closer to Harry. She decides to be-friend Marcel.


5. Come

"So, any background on anything happening with the football season?" I asked Harry, as he shuffled himself a bit in his chair. I was in Harry's and Marcel's house. They have a lot of money to have a nice house just for the both of them, since they are just exchange students. I see Marcel fidgeting beside me with a pen in hand as I also took pictures of Harry.

"Yeah, um well... Coach got us new water bottles? Um, I don't know-- what else am I supposed to say!" Harry says. He gives his signature smirks, puts his curly locks at the side and chuckles.

"Hm, maybe there will actually though." Marcel started. "I mean, coach is considering me on the team."

"Harry, thoughts?" I say to him.

"Hm, it would be really weird to have your twin brother on the team in all honesty. But I don't know if he can play anyways, I mean he has bad eyesight-- he need his glasses, what else um, well I know my brother loves to be neat and tidy all the time, all groomed-up. I don't know, being on a football team seems really... unlike him."

"Harry, I got contacts you know--"

"Whoa whoa, Marcel you had contact lenses all this time and you still use those big glasses? Wouldn't you have much rather wore contacts?" I interrupted quickly.

"Nah, it's the comfortable feeling, really." Marcel answers. "So I just use my big glasses-- but I use my contacts in occasions. And also Harry, I think I can handle a little dirt."

"Oooooh, someone is turning quite edgy." Harry teased hi brother. Marcel gave a small laugh while lightly punching his brother playfully. Harry looked back at me, flashed me a toothy grin, and winked. I couldn't help but blush and smile.

At the same time though, how do I know if he likes me. After what I saw at lunch, I really don't know if he does, I mean he looks like he likes the blonde girl too. but then again, maybe the girl attacked him and he was just too nice to say when it's enough you know? Or maybe he's just extremely nice so he acts like this to everyone. I don't know.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I ask Harry Styles. I saw Marcel flipping through his notepad, checking if that question was on the list. It wasn't though. Marcel just eyed me as I spoke to Harry.

"No, actually. But I wish so." Harry says with a sigh.

"You know you could basically get any of the girls you want right?" I say to him. "Every girl loves you here haha!"

"But the thing is, I haven't really found a person who has loved me for me, not because I'm charming Harry Styles. Like idk, I'll meet that girl who will fall for me for who I am I know I will. Right now, there isn't. And once I get the feeling, I will try to keep her forever."

Whoa. That was deep. 

I heard Marcel laugh out loud. "Okay, and how'd you expect to do that? By leading on girls thinking you like them and--"

"Marcel." I sternly say to him. He gave me a glance. He looked away, exhaled his breathe and wrote notes on his notepad.

"Um, excuse us?" Harry says to me with a smile. I nodded at him. Harry nods Marcel to the kitchen. As soon as they leave to the kitchen, I slowly creep up around the corner, making sure I got in earshot of their conversation.

"Harry, all I'm saying is that stop being a little 'charm' about it okay, I told you-- any girl but not Sam." I could tell the voice was from Marcel. And also because he mentioned Harry's name.

"Brother, brother, I'm always a charmer, it's me you know." Harry replied. I could feel his smile from here, which is weird, because you can't really feel a smile... but I just know he is smiling.

"But Harry come on, it's obvious you're leading on this girl."

"Marcel, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, you should stop it before you hurt her."

"Who says I'm gonna hurt her? Marcel, why would I hurt her?"

"Harry it's obvious she likes you, alright? And I've seen what you've done to girls in the past."

"Are you judging me from my past? Jeez, Marcel just calm down."

"Harry, I'm serious though. Leave Sam alone, I promise you, any girl but her."

"You really like this girl, don't you." 

"Yeah, I do. She's my friend."

"I wasn't gonna hurt her anyways, and those girls let themSELVES get hurt not me."

I start to hear footsteps walk towards my direction and I immediately ran for the couch. I waited a few more seconds and finally saw them walking towards me.

"So, I looked through the notepad and that's all we have for the questions ahaha! We completed every question." I said to them.

"Well, that's great!" Harry said. Suddenly a huge loud booming sound came, and suddenly I hear drops of water on the roof. I curled up in the ball, for I had a major fear of thunder storm.

"A-Are you okay, Sam?" Marcel asked me. I nodded my head slowly. "Okay, well Harry I'm just gonna drive Sam home and I'll--"


I jumped in my seat, still curled in a ball and a tear trickled down my cheek. Harry and Marcel immediately went to me, both with the same concerned and comfort eyes.

"I'll go get you some water." Marcel said to me. When Marcel left, Harry picked me up and stood me up on the floor. He wiped off my cheek and smiled. 

"Come." He said. He pulled my arm to the direction he was walking.

"W-Where?" I asked him. He smirked at me. He pulled me into his room.

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