What if

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  • Published: 12 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Aug 2013
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1. WHAT IF..

I sit there wondering
What if...
What if I had not taken the road less traveled,
What if I had not followed my instincts,
What if I had killed my heart's desires,
What if I had chosen a path that was graveled;
Would the struggle be any different?

I sit there pondering
What if..
What if I had followed the herd
What if I had agreed with the dirt
What if I hadn't called them absurd;
Would then i triumph?

I sit there speculating
What if..
What if I had taken the oars in the lake of fake,
What if I had swallowed hypocrisy like a cake,
What if I hadn't fought injustice,
What if I had surrendered to the prejudice;
Would have i still lost the game?

And now i sit here deducing
Like a solitary ship on an island abandoned,
I would have won the battle,
says a whisper in my head..
But I would have lost myself.

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