Second Chances.

It's been only a few months since Charlie left and shattered Zayn's world and she prays that they will never have to meet again.
Unfortunately, Charlie's world once again collides with Zayn's, when the band has to do a charity gig at her University and Charlie does everything to avoid him but somehow ends up in his arms at the end of the night.


4. -Chapter Three-

[A/N: Sorry I didn't update yesterday like I said I would, I couldn't log into my Movellas account for some reason -A]


I watched as Wesley said goodbye to Rae and left my dorm room, glancing one last time at me, giving me a warm smile and waving goodbye. I waved back but my movement was stiff because I was still thinking of Zayn and I couldn’t stop, even though it’s been six months since I last saw him in person.

“Hey, Charlie,” Rae said nervously. “I need to talk to you about something.”

I blinked and brought myself back to reality. I nodded, telling Rae she could continue but she didn’t and instead walked over to my bed and sat down, letting out a deep sigh.

She must have something really big to tell me, I thought to myself, she is usually never this nervous to talk to me about something…unless she knows I won’t take it well…shit this can’t be good.

I sat down next to her, giving her a perplexed face, with a wariness mixed in. She took a deep breath in, running her hands over her purple ripped skinny jeans, before turning towards me and looking directly at me.

“So, you know about that charity gig even that’s supposed to happen in a week, here at UNI,” she asked me, her eyes darting around the room, which she only ever did if she was seriously freaking out on the inside.

This seriously couldn’t be good if she was acting like this.

“Yah,” I nodded slowly, my stomach twisting with an expectation of something terrible to come out of her mouth. “Why?”

“Well,” she began, clenching and unclenching her hands together rapidly. “I sorta signed us up for it, to help with your community hours you have to pay off.”

I narrowed my eyes lightly, still knowing she was holding something back.

“Okay?” I looked at her, a little amused now. “Are you nervous because you thought I’d get mad at you for trying to help me out with my community hours?”

She shook her head, laughing quietly, “No…you would’ve dealt with it anyway but um, well I just got the list of the bands that are performing there.”

She slowly pulled out a crumpled white piece of paper, handing it to me. As I took it from her hand, I could feel a drop of sweat fall off her palm and onto my mind.

Damn, she is seriously nervous, but why?

She didn’t say anything but give me a look saying, just-open-the-damn-piece-of-paper-Charlie.

I did and started unfolded the little sucker and when it was all the way open, I looked at it and looked back up at her, shrugging my shoulders.

“Okay, um, am I supposed to be seeing something?” I asked her, looking back down and read the first six bands listed and then noticed that number seven was missing and had been ripped off.

Rae handed me another piece of paper, except it was smaller, and was the missing puzzle piece to this paper. I slowly opened it and read the name of the seventh band.

“Oh,” Was all I said to Rae and just continued to stare at the two bold words on the piece of paper, One Direction. “Well…why are they doing this, it doesn’t seem like them?”

“Charlie, how would I know? And that’s beside the point. I swear, when I found out I tried everything to get you out of it…but your father wouldn’t take it,” Rae cried out, looking seriously upset.

Oh yah, the University’s headmaster is…my dad…unfortunately.

“It’s okay,” I said thickly, trying my best to not cry. “Just please, please promise me you will do whatever to make sure that Zayn and I won’t be in the same room, please!”

She nodded and let me crumble into her arms, a second later.

[A/N: I hope you guys are okay with me having Zayn’s POV in this story, I really like writing from his view of things -A]

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