Second Chances.

It's been only a few months since Charlie left and shattered Zayn's world and she prays that they will never have to meet again.
Unfortunately, Charlie's world once again collides with Zayn's, when the band has to do a charity gig at her University and Charlie does everything to avoid him but somehow ends up in his arms at the end of the night.


8. -Chapter Seven-


*Later that night*

I was swamped in darkness as I laid under my comfortable blankets on my bed, my mind and body slowly going to sleep. I hadn’t left my room since I had come in, after admitting my true thoughts to Zayn…quite a few hours ago.

Surprisingly, Rae hadn’t come up to drag me out of my room, to help her with the gig. But I had a distinct feeling that she was just scheming of a way to get me out of my room, especially since I had locked my door.

And of course I was right, because five seconds later I could hear the sound of someone picking my door lock.

I didn’t wake myself up all the way but brought my mind to a state of being half-asleep and half-awake.

I waited in complete silence, and then, my door quietly opened and light flooded in through the doorway as I opened my eyes slightly. I could see Rae’s silhouette standing there and I waited impatiently for her to say something but she didn’t say a damn word and I groaned internally.

“Are you seriously just going to keep pretending you’re asleep, Charlie?” Rae finally spoke, a little annoyance in her voice. “Cause you aren’t fooling us.”

Us? But…I didn’t see a second shadow? Who could possibly be with her?

I finally gave into my impatience’s and spoke with a rasp in my voice, from sleeping.

“Let me die and rot alone in my room,” I moaned, proving Rae right about me currently pretending to be asleep, my words slightly muffled by the pillow I had shoved my face into.

Suddenly, a weight was added to my bed as Rae sat down and said to me, “I honestly don’t get why you’re suddenly acting like this, you were fine this morning. What’s wrong, Charlie?”

I moved my body slightly, turning my face to the left so I could speak more clearly as I irritably snapped at Rae. “Don’t you have to go help with charity gig, right now?”

Rae didn’t fall for my subject-change-trick and continued to interrogate me further, “I won’t leave your room until you explain yourself, I don’t care if you have your father expel me from UNI, because you are my best friend and you know I won’t leave until I get what I want.”

It was true; she would stay here all night long, until I gave her what she wanted.

I groaned and huffed as I pushed myself upright, glaring semi-harshly at Rae. “You’re so damn infuriating, you know that.”

Rae grinned happily and then looked over her shoulders, a smile in her eyes. “So I’ve been told.”

I glanced past her, to see who she was addressing, and honestly I wasn’t surprised to see Niall leaning against my still-open door.

I turned to my side, flicking on the lamp on my small beside drawer, watching as it illuminated my less-dark room.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s bugging you?” Rae pestered and I put my attention back on her and nodded.

“Fine, fine,” I said, not letting her say anything more. “I’m angry at myself for saying what I did, to Zayn, earlier this morning.”

She raised her eyebrows, surprised by my confession.

“Why?” Niall asked before Rae could, still keeping his self to far side of my room.

I awkwardly swallowed my throat, shifting my gaze to him. “I just shouldn’t have said that because it wasn’t fair to say that to him, now, out of all times. And also because, I’m in a relationship and I didn’t want him to get the impression that I had feelings for him and wanted to be with him instead of Wesley.”

Niall laughed, to my surprise, “Charlie, if you didn’t want him to feel that way, you shouldn’t have said anything then because that’s exactly how you left him feeling…until Lou told him that you were dating Wesley, and then I’m pretty sure he then knew that nothing would ever happen between you two.”

My face fell and I wanted to physically punch myself in the guts for my stupidity and then I quickly collected myself and scrambled out of my bed. Saying nothing to Rae or Niall, I walked over to my mirror and stared at myself.

I was in an All Time Low t-shirt (that hung below my waist but perfectly fit my average frame) and my purple polka-dotted pajama shorts that poked out from underneath the black t-shirt. My hair was somehow still straight but a bit messy, so I hastily smoothed it down with my finger tips.

Once I was okay with my physical state, I glanced at Rae and Niall, before quickly walking past Niall and out my open door, totally focused on doing something else.

“Wait, Charlie, where are you going?” Rae shouted from down the hallway (I had already reached the end of it, heading for the stairs), standing outside of my dorm room.

“Doing something I really need to do,” I called back before running down the stairs.

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