Second Chances.

It's been only a few months since Charlie left and shattered Zayn's world and she prays that they will never have to meet again.
Unfortunately, Charlie's world once again collides with Zayn's, when the band has to do a charity gig at her University and Charlie does everything to avoid him but somehow ends up in his arms at the end of the night.


5. -Chapter Four-


I didn’t bother to wave goodbye to the boys as they dropped me off at my apartment – I wasn’t doing it out of rudeness, I swear – it’s just that my mind was still wrapped around the thought of having to see her…again.

I slowly bent my knees as I leaned down to grab the mail that lay on the front door mat, in front of my mahogany wooden door, and then quickly stood up. I looked around; to make sure no one was watching as I unlocked the front door and shut it quietly behind me.

It still surprised me that the press hadn’t found out about the apartment, especially because I had bought it right after the Take Me Home Tour ended…but I had a feeling it would surface soon enough.

The apartment wasn’t much, really. It wasn’t small but it wasn’t a massive apartment either. It was the perfect size that suited me.

It held three bedrooms; one for me to sleep in, another as a guestroom, and the third room as the music room where I could go to go sing and the lads could as well.

Walking through the small hallway that the front door opened into, it opened at the end, showing a kitchen to the left and a lounge area to the right.

I took a left and walked over to the refrigerator and opened it, and then without hesitation, grabbed a beer, from the pack that Louis had brought with him, last time the lads were here.

Not bothering to take just a sip, I downed the drink, and then slammed the glass bottle onto the counter. Surprisingly it didn’t break.

And then Charlie entered my thoughts again, and now being drunk, I couldn’t hold my anger at bay. Just having to see her again…I knew it was going to be complete torture and I started yelling, “Why? Why do I have to see her again?”

I knew I’d get no response and that pissed me off even more. I narrowed my eyes and my hand grabbed the beer bottle, and with all the strength I held in my right arm, I hurled the beer bottle at the nearest wall and watched it shatter into pieces, just like my heart did when I walked into that room and Charlie wasn’t there.

I had trusted her with my heart and she destroyed it. No one likes being vulnerable and when you put yourself out there and get hurt…you never want to experience that again. But I’d have to, id have to experience that again when I’d have to see that Charlie once more.

And that was beyond unfair.

Throwing the refrigerator door open again, I grabbed the rest of the beer and started throwing each bottle directly at the wall, watching glass shatter instantly as it came into contact with the wall.

And then I stopped once I realized there was nothing left to throw. Despair then struck at me and I fell to my knees, my head hanging as I whispered/begged to not have to see Charlie again.

“Zayn, shit, are you okay?” Someone shouted through my door, starling me and my head snapped up.

Sitting there, I watched emotionless as someone kicked in my door, and then I saw four blurry bodies step into my view. I knew it was the lads but I didn’t say anything.

They didn’t say anything either, except cautiously come closer to me. And then slowly Harry crouched down next to me.

“Zayn, what happened?” He asked quietly, his eyes searching mine.

I didn’t respond and just simply stared at the mess I had created.

This isn’t me…what...who am I becoming? 

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