Second Chances.

It's been only a few months since Charlie left and shattered Zayn's world and she prays that they will never have to meet again.
Unfortunately, Charlie's world once again collides with Zayn's, when the band has to do a charity gig at her University and Charlie does everything to avoid him but somehow ends up in his arms at the end of the night.


9. -Chapter Eight-


We had just finished up our last song on stage for the night, it being a cover of a song that we covered on our Up All Night Tour; Valerie by Amy Winehouse.

I handed, one of the charity gig assistant’s, my microphone and earpiece stuff before splitting away from the boys in search of a bottle of water.

As I found the refreshment table for the singers and spotted a bottle of water, I heard a familiar voice speaking to a girl. I reached the table and snatched up the bottle, before turning my head towards the area, where I heard the familiar voice speaking from.

My eyes slightly narrowed as they rested on, shockingly, Wesley Delevingne in the shadows but I shook myself, remind myself that he was Charlie’s…boyfriend.

But then I had to blink rapidly, to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, as I saw his hands resting on the hips of a brunette girl, who was definitely not Charlie.

And I wasn’t the only one seeing him with that girl, because when I looked past him and across the lawn, my eyes saw a frozen Charlie outside a set of doors that led to a staircase, coming down from the dorm room areas for the UNI attending students.

I didn’t yell her name, not wanting Wesley to reach her first and feed her all that cheater-bullshit every guy did when he was caught by his girlfriend, as I jogged across the area where the gig was being held.

By the time I reached the doors, Charlie was already at the top of the staircase, running towards (running to her room, I guess) and I could see tears falling from her eyes. It angered me to see her hurting but I didn’t dare go back to Wesley, my feet already running up the stairs.

I heard a door slam just as I reached the top of the stairs and I looked down the hallway; seeing a confused Rae standing outside of Charlie’s room.

As I reached Rae, I could hear her banging on Charlie’s room, asking her to open it but it didn’t work. Rae noticed me a minute later, her confused/angry gaze shifting to me.

She opened her mouth, to most likely start accusing me of putting her best friend in that state but I beat her to it.

“I didn’t do it,” I spoke quietly and Rae’s mouth clamped shut. “Do you have a key?”

“A key, for what?” Rae asked me.

I gestured to Charlie’s room, “We both know she won’t willingly open her door right now and definitely not for me. So, do you?”

Rae handed me a spare key from her pocket and was about to ask me a question but I had already unlocked the door and shut it behind me.

I could hear muffle crying within the pitch black of the room and I swiftly flicked on the light switch next to me.

My eyes found Charlie on her bed, her head resting on her knees that she had pulled up her chest, her body shaking with every sob that escaped from her mouth.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Someone yelled at me angrily and I jerked myself back to the present, seeing Charlie glaring at me, having lifted her head from her knees.

Her eyes were bloodshot from crying but I could clearly see she was angry and hurting.

“I-I wanted to see if you were-” I began but Charlie cut me off as she flew at me, her hands curled into small fists.

They hit my chest as she crashed into me, causing me to stumble backwards, crashing into the wall behind me.

“I hate you, I hate you so much!” She yelled, pummeling my chest with her fists but I didn’t flinch at her harsh words but instead grabbed her wrists, wanting her to stop abusing my chest and leaving small bruises.

“Dammit, Charlie, calm down!” I shouted at her but she wouldn’t and she continued to fight me but I quickly pulled her to my chest, locking her arms against me so she couldn’t inflict anymore pain.

“Let me go, dammit! Why are you even here!?” She screamed, still fighting against me but slowly tiring out.

“Because, even though you never gave me a chance and broke my heart, I still care about you!” I shouted back at her so she would hear me and she abruptly stopped fighting me, the minute I finished talking.

And then she started crying against my chest, her tears dampening my shirt, and in-between sobs, I heard her softly say to me, “You shouldn’t, you really shouldn’t.”

I quietly replied with, “But I do.” 


:A/N: If I have time tomorrow, I'll be updating again!(: 

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