Coming Home

Maria is the kind of girl who's known. Not in a slutty way, but because of her strength. Her dad died in the military and now her boyfriend is there. The only thing keeping her alive is her brother, Alex.

~We often take for granted the things that deserve our most gratitude. Cynthia Ozick~


3. ~chapter three~

I had just unplugged my flat iron as I glanced at my appearance in the mirror. I smiled to myself knowing that I could have any guy wrapped around my finger. I'm young, I'm hot, and I'm single. I grabbed my black clutch and walked out the door.

I smiled when Hailey was waiting in her car for me. I got int he passenger seat and she drove off. I giggled at just how careless she was. Seriously, not a care in the world for that girl. She said that we where going to have a girls night. Mainly because her boyfriend just broke up with her and she needs another guy to make her ex jealous. I'm not exactly the type of girl that needs to have a boyfriend. I haven't had many boyfriends, but boys. We puled up to the club and awaited access. Once we reached the front we showed our ID's and the very large man lifted the red line allowing us in. First step in the club my nostril was filled with alcohol and axe. 

We made our way over to a seat and gossiped until some tools would come up to us and offer to buy a drink, expecting to have sex in return. Eventually two did. I'm not going to lie, they where attractive, just not my type and definitely not Hailey's. She's more into the athletic, successful type. But me, I'm not to picky. He just has to be real. He has to tell me he loves me just to see me smile. And he has to mean it. But so far, I just haven't found anyone like that.

"So what is two lovely ladies like you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your boyfriends?"

I chuckled and he smirked sitting beside me. Hailey pointed her finger to the air,

"I'm newly single, bitches!" 

His friend put his arm around her and smirked, biting his lip, "Want to change that?" 

She quickly got her hand and removed his arm causing his friend to laugh. 

"No guys, could you just leave us alone? We just want it to be the two of us tonight, thanks." I nicely asked of the gentlemen. 

"Could we at least watch?" The first guy laughed resulting in his friend to make a sort of shout noise. Ugh, boys.

"Ugh, you're such a perv. Just let us be!" Hailey's voice started to rise as the music got louder.

"No, c'mon. We're just having fun here. No harm done, right?" His large hand caressed my chin making the small hair on my back stand up. That's when a guy came and practically saved our asses. 

"Dude. She said to leave." The figure spoke. He had a deep voice. Almost scary deep.

"And what if we don't?" They began to exit our personal space and got closer to the figure.

"I'm not looking for a fight. Just leave 'em alone."

"Whatever." they started to walk away and one mumbled "Dick."

I stood up and threw my hand out hoping for another one to greet it "Thanks."

"No problem, I'm Liam  by the way."

"Maria." I smiled.

He smiled at me, "Do you mind if I buy you a drink?"

I lightly chuckled, "I'm actually here with my friend," I paused and looked back at Hailey. On her phone, probably stalking her ex Ashton's Instagram "I think we're gonna go anywa-"

Hailey cut me off standing up almolst shouting "Fine by me. Let's go."

Liam laughed, as did I. "At least let me have your number."

I looked back at Hailey and she smirked at me, "Fine."

We exchanged numbers and he told me he would ring me. 

He left before we did, only because Hailey wanted to be difficult and get herself another drink. After she was done we walked out the back door. We saw these guys hitting someone. One pushed him and he fell. The two males kicked him. He one on the ground was crying out in pain. I started to get nervous. It wasn't until they looked at us I started to cry. They just ran. And thankfully not at us.WE rushed over to male on the ground to realise it was Liam. He was bleeding and red took over his used to be white V neck. I grabbed a napkin from my clutch and wiped his nose. I led him to Hailey's car and I put him in the back, climbing in with him as Hailey drove. His head was on my lap. 

"Where do we take him?" Hailey asked, quite nervously. 

"Just take him to my house."

She stopped the car causing the tires to screech and my body to move forward. She looked back at me with the death glare. "What?" She whispered for some reason.

"We can't just leave him on the street and in case you haven't noticed he's kind of knocked out."

She decided not to fret and she drove us there. She helped me with Liam into the house and on the couch. We decided to call her ex, Ashton. He came over, and I quote 'for  Maria, not Hailey' 

Hailey sat in my room as he helped me clean up Liam. Since we really knew nothing about this guy except his phone number, Ashotn decided to stay in case he pulled anything. 

Liam was on the couch. Ashton on the floor in my room and Hailey and I in my bed. Wow, what a night.


A/N: Obviously this is kind of a flashback of how they met. So uh, yeah. Like comment and favourite. Oh, and in this story Liam is American.


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