Cute and Sad Imagines

Imagines for everyone!!! I've put out (Y/N) so you can be in the story too in my next one will be imagines and preferences!! Please like Belle Niall, just ask me if you want personal imagines for my next novella


3. Cute imagine for (Y/N) Niall

Niall was your best friend and he is super protective for you

Jake: (Y/N)!!! Why don't you hang yourself?

You: Why Jake?

Jake: Because there's no room in the world for your fatness! Hahahahhaha!

Niall just saw you crying and ran to you

Jake: Well, if it isn't Superman to the rescue to save a fat pig!!

Niall: Leave her alone!!

You: Niall its okay I can stand up for myself


Jake:*sarcastically* oh no! I'm gonna get punched in the ass with superman!

Niall: Now that's it *Niall punched Jake, you covered your eyes*

You: Niall you are gonna get in trouble!

Niall: Its worth it to save you *Niall kissed you, then you felt electric and fireworks*

You: I really love you Niall

Niall: I love you too (Y/N)* you two smiled and kissed again*



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