Cute and Sad Imagines

Imagines for everyone!!! I've put out (Y/N) so you can be in the story too in my next one will be imagines and preferences!! Please like Belle Niall, just ask me if you want personal imagines for my next novella


7. Abby and Zayn (my bff) sad and cute

You and Zayn were parted for a while, he's on tour while you were stuck at home. 

Abby: *messages* I miss you baby :'(

Zayn: *replies* I miss you too, but I can't go home now 

Abby, every night, would cry facing her pillow, holding it tight, saying 'I love you Zayn'

Zayn, on the other hand, was happy performing onstage, but he suddenly thought of Abby, alone, maybe missing him to bits, he felt a tear fell on his shirt. 

Liam: Woah! Zayn what happened?

Zayn: oh nothing *wiping his tears away*

While on a webcam, Abby asked Zayn when is he coming back, Zayn said 'six months' Abby blinked the tears away. The next day Abby was babysitting her aunt's baby. Suddenly, the baby started smiling, Abby looked behind her and found Zayn! She opened the door and Ran to his arms. They kissed passionately and said the words 'I love you'

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