Cute and Sad Imagines

Imagines for everyone!!! I've put out (Y/N) so you can be in the story too in my next one will be imagines and preferences!! Please like Belle Niall, just ask me if you want personal imagines for my next novella


1. Cute imagine for (Y/N) Liam

You and Liam have been dating for quite a while and he calls you while on tour

Liam: B-Babe?

You: Huh? Liam? I thought you had a rrehearsal

Liam: I h-had a b-break

You: Why are you stuttering?

Liam: I-------

The boys took the phone from his hands and said:

Louis: I'm Liam and I miss (Y/N )so much, I miss her smile that warms me up and gives me butterflies.

You: *giggle and blush*

Niall: And I couldn't go on tour with her alone, maybe she needs me.

Liam snatches his phone back

Liam: Sorry about that (Y/N)

You: I give you butterflies and I warm you up when I smile?

Liam: Are you mad?

Paul from the background

Paul: Boys! Rehearsals up and--Oh Liam, you're talking to (Y/N)?

Liam: yup

Paul: (Y/N) is so beautiful, I can't stand being away from her. She is always cute and she makes my heart flutter, Liam remember you said that to me about (Y/N)?

The boys all laugh 

You: Aww.. I love you

Liam: I love you too *blushes*


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