that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


3. why

i woke up to anne shaking me to death " mac we got to go!" i stared to sit up and i looked around and saw all the boys still asleep ( mac is my nickname ) " what why " i asked " because its 7- AM!!!" she said in a whisper yell trying not to wake the boys " so what its early in the morning and u woke me up " i said laying back down on harry " no i told my mom that we would be late home but i didnt know we be this late!" i sat up again and pulled of the covers and i went to find a pen and paper and wrote a note.                                  dear lads, 

                       sorry we had to leave so early anne forgot that we had to leave we had a 

                  great time with y'all see u around maybe?             , love mckinlee & anne 

we got are phones and left we went to annes house and plopped down on her bed " that was the best day of my life " i said " mine too " she giggled and then we busted out laughing then a couple of mins i got a text from someone named ' that curly head boy <3 ' and it said " hey y'all left ur clothes in my room :)" i told anne and she said " i think thats harry freaking styles!!" i giggled and remember we still had there sweats and texted back "oh shoot srry we where in a rush when u think we could come by and get it??" i waited till he texted backed and he said " any time but i think yall should come by now :)" so i told anne to go to the car and lets go to harrys.

we got to his house and knocked on the door and liam opened it " hey babes " he said to the both of us and opened the door to let us in ,when we walked in we smelled waffles i walked to the kitchen to see harry cooking and he said " your just in time for breakfast " and he hand us 2 waffles on a plate and we sat on the couch with are waffles we saw louis walked down the stairs and looked up " hey you 2 " we had waffles in are face so we just waved when all the lads came to the living room and i came up for air i said " harry these waffles are amazing " he chuckled and he said thanks when we were finished zayn took are plates and put them in the sink i went up to go to the bathroom i bumped into harry and he catched me so and he helped me stand up and i looked to the floor and said " sorry i didnt mean to bump u" then harry lifted my head and he pushed his soft lips against mine and we kissed and he backed his face away from mine i then looked him in the eyes and he ran back down stairs. i touched my lips and in a whisper i said " why me..."

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