that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


4. whats wrong with me

i walked down  stairs and anne walked to me and grabbed my arm and lead me out back  and said " what happen harry ran down stairs with a little smirk on his face?" she asked and when she said that i had a big smile on my face and said " harry kissed me." her mouth dropped wide open and screamed but not to loud so the lads wont here her i giggled and said " shhhh" the we went back inside. i skipped inside and sat next to harry and louis and anne sat next by niall and zayn liam grabbed the remote and changed it to sponge bob and me and anne said " yay!! we love sponge bob " zayn laughed at us louis grabbed the remote and changed it to grown ups " hey!" me and anne said " what then louis ran away with the remote the others laughed and cheered us on anne was way behind and she yelled " you-get-him-im-worn-out" she breathed through every word and louis ran up stairs i ran also but when i got up there i didn't see him then someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hall closet to see it was louis i was pressed up against him cause of the cramped closet i looked into louis eyes and saw him bit his lip then kissed me my eyes where wide open then i did the most stupidest thing and put my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist and pulled me closer then i moved me lips away from him then i grabbed the remote like nothing happened and said " i got it and ran out of the closet and down the stairs and plopped down right by harry and changed it back to sponge bob and louis came down and said " you got me but next after sponge bob we WILL watch grown ups " he said while coming to sit by me on the couch and me and anne agreed then we watched grown ups because sponge bob was over but ever 10 mins in those 2 hours of the movie louis and harry glanced at me and in my head i said whats wrong with me i just kissed to guys and i enjoyed both kiss what was i gonna do i like all the boys but i liked harry the most ever since the x-factor, now what.

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