that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


5. good bye old friend

I sat there still as a pin and then anew said " hey I got a text from my mom, I have to do something for her see ya later!" she yells while leaving the the house I stated to shiver trying to stay warm when I felt and arm go around me , it was harry he noticed I was cold and tried to warm me up the niall came to me with a blanket and put it around me " thanks niall" I said while getting cozy and warm with the blanket then I leand my head in harrys chest and almost dozed of when my phone rang I sat up from harrys chest and answered it " hello?" I asked and then I heard sobes and crying then I herd " it's Anne she got in a car crash..." then I new who called me it was Anne's mom so I just stood there eye wide open and tears almost coming I ran out of the lads house I ran all the way to the hostipital I went to the front desk and said " Anne Marin!" the women looked at me then at the computer and said "she can not have any visitors right now please take a seat in the waiting room and will get back to u" I was sad so I dragged me feet to the waiting room sat in a chair and wait.


i sat there texting my mom and telling her what happen she couldn't be here cause of a business trip but she said Anne was in her prayers. I was waiting for the ladie to tell me I can see my best friend / sister but it wasn't her coming it was Liam with a blanket he came to me and handed me the blanket " u might need this " he said I garbed it from him and said "thanks, but wheres the others?" he walked over and say next to me and said " going to get u some food you've been here for hours" he smirked alittle I then put my head on his shoulders and I started to sniff a little he put his hand on my back and started to rub up and down then I closed my eyes to let that good felling come to me he then kissed me on the head and then all I remember  is going to sleep on him next thing I new I waked up to food plates every where and looked around some more to see the lads asleep I smiled and layer back down on Liam when a wome came in and said " Mckinlee u may now vist Anne" I got up slowly not to wake the lads and followed the nurse. before we enter the sore see pulled me and said " I don't know how I'm gonna say this but- Anne's not gonna make it" I stand there frozen then beggars to cry the nurse pat my back and said " u wanna say ur good byes" I whipped a year away and nodded she lead me to the room " I let y'all to have ur time alone" then she waked away Anne wasn't awake so I thought she could listin " Anne " I began to say while sniffing " I want u to know ur a sister to me and I love u , remember the time we sneaked out the house just to buy some candy at the store and we got in trouble for no reson" I laughed at the stupid thing me and Anne did years ago " well I guess this is are last adventure together hope u have a better one where it going" I gave Anne a hug and said my good byes I ran out the room and bumped into zayn he looked at me in concern and I just bse out crying and I leand into to him and cried in his warm chest he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug and said " shhh shhhh Mac everything's going to be ok " I backed away from him not alot only 6 inches and looked into his beautiful eyes and said " no it's not Anne shes-not-gonna-make it " I stumbled to say and let the tears come back " shhhh lets go get the boys and leave k babe" I looked up at him while my head still on his chest " ok let's go then" 

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