that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


2. falling for...

"so lets play a game " louis said we all agreed and zayn said " how about truth or dare?' we all said " yea!!" and zayn was first he asked liam " truth or dare " liam chosed truth and zayn said " would u ever date a fan?" he winked and laim looked at me and anne and smiled and said " yes i would, anne truth or dare?" and anne thought and said "dare" and liam said " i dare u to... prank call u ex boy friend!" anne shrugged and did *67 and dial his number and put him on speaker and she said " all right u wanted 60 boxes of pizza ok that will be 300$ do u wanna pick it up or have it deliver?" she said in a slow guy like voice and brad ( her ex ) said " what the fuck i didnt order no damn 60 pizza boxes!!" and hung up we all stood there quit for a good 5 seconds and started busting out laughing well anne got bored of playing truth or dare and suggested a stupid game she told the guys to blind fold there self and no looking and she explained the game we have to kiss each boy and they have to see who was who first up zayn i decided to go first and i kidded him for 1 1/2 seconds and then anne kissed him zayn then said " first kiss isss.... mckinlee! and second anne!" we told him he was right and then it was liams turn i kissed first then anne liam the said " anne then mckinlee??" we laughed and said no next niall anne went first to twist things around then niall got it right we cheered him and said he won nothing we laughed at are own joke louis was next i kissed him first then anne kissed him second louis thought anne kissed him first but she didn't harry was next and anne kissed him first then i came to kiss him instead of 1 1/2 seconds it was 2 and i backed away i saw harry bit his lip the he said "anne first " the chuckled " mckinlee second " and took his blind fold and looked at me in a sexy way and anne said in a cheerful way " yes ur right " she clapped then zayn said "now what ?" andi sugested a moie then i said " wait if we watch a movie i would like cozy cloths "  " u can borrow my sweats and a t-shirt" i agreed and follow him to hi room and he went to his closeted and got what he said he would he hand me the clothing then my hands touched his and i got the clothes he left the room and let me change and when i came down anne was in nialls sweats and had her tank top i sat on the couch by harry and liam we started to watch a scary movie and in the pop up scenes and then harry leaned in and whispered in my ear " u can lay on me if u want' and in my head i said what the heck and then i got a little sleepy and i pulled the covers up a little bit and started to close my eyes but before i fell a sleep i saw anne laying against niall and feet on zayns lap and then i dozy of.

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