that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


1. meeting them

                                                              mckinlee's P.O.V

me and anne went to a meet and greet to see the lads we tried to get there early but there was already a big line so we talked about what were going to say to the lads. We were next louis was the first at the table he was signing a cd then looked up and saw are face louis smiled and said " hello loves " and me and anne giggled and anne brought him some carrot cupcakes he chuckled and we moved on to zayn and he was staring at us the hole time and he asked " whats ur names loves?" we blushed " mckinlee and this is anne " i said and liam butt in and said " those are beautiful names " anne's face was a lot redder than mine. Then niall said " oh liam look ur making them look like a tomato!" we laughed at nialls ,Irish, comment we walked to niall and niall could noot keep his eyes off anne i laughed and louis said " sorry he thinks ur food " i wouldnt doubt niall think she was food hes been there for hours and he must be starved! then we walked to harry he looked up with his kind hazel looking eyes into my ocean blue eyes ,his new hair cut made him look to sexy for me to handle  in his slow deep British accent he said " hello darlings " i blushed so much and giggled like a hyena. then paul said we had to leave and we were sad the lads said bye to us then we went home while i was in the car anne driving i was going to get my phone when i relized it was missing then i screamed anne slamed on the brakes and siad " what-what happen???" i screamed at her " its gone i cant find it!!" anne afforded me her phone so i could call it on the 2 ring i heard a deep british voice say " hello anne is it sorry but your friend left her phone at a meet and great " i was shocked i said " harry this is mckinlee the blond curly blue eyed girl u have my phone  and i need it!"   " ok meet me at this address andi wrote it on my hand with a pen " thanks harry for finding my phone " and hanged up    * 10 mins later * i knocked on the front door harry opened it he had sweats on but no shirt he had a pretty hot body i might say so my self anne was right behind me, " would u like to come in?" he asked and me and anne looked at each  other and i said " why not " the other lads where on the couch sitting watching toy story " would u like some some tea?" he asked me and anne said yes at the same time louis motion anne to sit by him and she did i followed harry in the kitchen " so harry can i have my phone?" he laughed and said " noooo im keeping it forever- of course u can its on the bar" i picked up my phone and text my mom im going to stay the night at annes. and then i  went to  the living room isat by zayn then harry came in with are tea and sat next to me i had to say somthing and i did " i never thought i be drinking tea and watching toy stroy with one direction" they all looked at me and zayn added " i cant belive to beautiful babes are drinking tea and watching toy story with us!" we all laughed at what zayn said and i herd harry said in a whisper voice " ya im sitting by one " i acted like i didnt hear him but i did and i think he new.

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