House of Hades

This is how I think the House of Hades should go. Please comment and give advice.
*DANIELE GRAVES did the title picture. Please be sure to check her out*



 As Piper woke up, she heard Hazel's voice announce,


"Everybody in the mess hall in five minutes!" It was still dark outside, but Piper got dressed quickly and grabbed a bagel. She arrived just as Hazel and Frank walked up,, with Leo behind them. They seemed to have just finished an argument. Everybody came in. Well, not everybody. Out of respect, we left the head seat and the right hand seat empty for Percy and Annabeth. Leo looked horrible. He had bags under his eyes and his clothes were messy and oily. His eyes were puffy and red like he had been crying. Hazel and Frank stood close to him like his bodyguards. Piper wondered what happened between them that made them so close together. Hazel and Frank hardly ever left his side.Hazel cleared her thorught. "Nico has something to say." She said. We all turned to Nico. He shifted a little bit, looking nervous. He looked a little better sence he came out of Tatartus. Then he stood up strait, and said


"I dont mean to alarm anyone," Uh oh. Piper thought. "But I have no idea how fast Percy and Annabeth are traveling though Tartrus. So we might be days ahead of them, or days behind them." Everybody was silent.

"Well," Leo spoke up, He sounded like he had a cold. "What about the empa-thingy he has."

"The empathy link?" Piper asked. "Would that work?" she looked at Nico. He was silent for so long, she thought he had gone to sleep.

"I dont know." He said finally. "We could try, but-"

"But what." Leo snapped. He had a firce fire in his eyes like he was going to burst into flames. He looked so determined. "If there's a even slight chance it will work, i'm going to try it." And with that he stormed out of the room. Piper sighed. Jason came up beside her and gripped her hand.

"It's ok." He said, "Leo will be fine, just give him some time."

"I'm not worried about Leo." I said. Jason raised an eyebrow at me. and his little cresent shaped scar curved upward. I remembered what Thalia said that he tryed to eat a stapeler  when he was two. It made  her smile. "Well I am worried about Leo, but what if Nico is right? What if we get there before or after they do? What would happen?" Jason frowened like he was trying to remember something like he did when Her Most Annoying Magisty Hera, had wiped his memory and ploped him in Camp Half-Blood.

"I dont know."He said. "But lets worry about later" He said and guided me outside to watch the sunrise.

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