House of Hades

This is how I think the House of Hades should go. Please comment and give advice.
*DANIELE GRAVES did the title picture. Please be sure to check her out*


3. LEO

As Leo walked up to the controls, Hazel and Frank were with him. They always were. Well... not when he is in bed and not when he is going to the bathroom, thank the gods. He was thankful for them, but... "Leo." Hazel said ergently. She pointed to the radar.

"Holy Hephestus." Leo muttered. Something huge was coming their way. "Coach Hedge!" He called. The coach came bounding up the stairs.

"Hey Leo! Do you want me to blow up stuff?" Coach Hedge asked.

"Suprisinly, yes." Leo ansewerd. "Man the balista if you will." The coach nearly trampled Hazel to get there. Luckly, Hazel jumped out of the way right before he hit her.

"Wow," Hazel muttered as she stood up. "He is the most warlike goat ever." Frank nodded. He looked like he wanted to kill the coach for almost running into Hazel, but just then they heard the coach screaming.

"Pan's Pipes!" Coach Hedge yelled. The all ran to look, and Leo's heart almost stopped. It was a huge sea monster, like the one Keto sent after them, but a hundered times worse. Coach Hedge fired at the monster, and Leo shook himself and ran down to alert everyone. Aparently there was no need. As he came down to the mess hall, Jason and Piper ran in. Jason had his imperial goldan sword drawn, and Piper had Katatropis unshethed and was looking into it. She suddenly dropped it and she had gone pale.

"What is it?" Leo asked. "What did you see?"

"I-I-I" Piper stammered.

"Piper." Jason said gently, "what did you see?" Piper took a deep breath.

"I saw-" Just then the sea monster's tentacel broke though the wall and grapped Piper. She screemed and the thing dragged her back through the hole kicking and screeming.

"Piper!" Jason cried, and he ran after her, Leo following close behind.

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