House of Hades

This is how I think the House of Hades should go. Please comment and give advice.
*DANIELE GRAVES did the title picture. Please be sure to check her out*



I watched helplessly as Jason and Piper sunk into the cold sea. I glanced over at Hazel, who was crying. I tried to comfort her, but I couldn't. I dove into the sea changing into a seal as i fell. I hit the water and swam down to try and find Jason and Piper. After a couple hours of looking, I swam back up. Leo lowered the ladder and Frank climbed up. He walked into the mess hall to find everybody waiting. As soon as I  walked in I saw a pile at rubies by Hazel and all the silverware was movi g towards her.  

"There not dead." Nico said "I can feel it, there not dead."

"where are they then?" Leo asked. His eyes were red and puffy. "If there not dead then where are they?

"I don't know." Nico said helplessly. "I know it's not Gaea. She can't reach us in the ocean..." Nico's voice faltered. He sighed. Everyone was exhausted. 

"Let's just get some rest." Hazel said finally. Frank knew he should, but he couldn't go to sleep while Piper and Jason were in the middle of the ocean.  Frank made his way to his room in a daze. He thought he could never fall asleep, but before his head hit the pillow, he was snoring.  

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