House of Hades

This is how I think the House of Hades should go. Please comment and give advice.
*DANIELE GRAVES did the title picture. Please be sure to check her out*



"Get away from her!" Percy shouted. He pointed it at Arachne. She laughed and Percy lunged. Before Annabeth could call out, Arachne hit Riptide out of Percy's hands and threw him behind her. Annabeth couldn't turn, but she heard Percy groaning. Thats a good sign. I guess. Annabeth thought. He was alive, but badly hurt.

"Now I shall have my revenge!" Arachne cackeled. Arachne advanced slowly.


"Think Annabeth, think." Annabeth mumbeled to herself. But there was no myths, or anything that could help her. She started to panic. Wait. She had gotten though to the alter. No other person had. She had done that with no help. She beat Arachne once, she could do it again. Arachne was ten feet away. She was aware of Percy moaning behind her. She turned and meet his eyes. She tried franticly to tell him something with her eyes. Percy nodded. Arachne was 5 feet. 4. She raised her barbed legs to stike. I took a deep breath. I couldn't run very fast, but she had to. She braced herself and quickly hobbeled forward and slid underneth the spider. Arachne  hissed in outrage and turned around so her back was to Percy. Annabeth saw a flash of celestral bronze. Arachne turned to it. I franticly thought. I need to get her attention. I picked up a rock the size of my palm. I grunted and threw it. Arachne hissed and turned. Her mouth started foaming. Just when I thought I was dead, I heard a yell, and Percy brought Riptide down on her legs, making it dissenagrate completly. Then he sliced her body and she turned into dust. Percy ran up to me. I hugged him, until I noticed the dust forming back together.

"Percy." I said and pointed. Percy cursed.

"They are in Tartrus, they can't go to a place they are already in." He picked me up and he ran. We (or he) ran for a while when I said.

"Percy, I can walk, just, let me lean on you." Percy put me down, and I leaned on him, as we made our way though the darkness of Tartrus.

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