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Natalia is 18 and Justin is 19. Natalia and Justin have been friends since they were 3. They have been there for each other ever since. But when memories come flushing back from when they were 12, will they be more than just "friends"? Or will there friendship be ruined?

(Warning: Sex parts are extremely detailed.)


12. Valentine's Day

Natti's P.O.V:


"OMG, YOU TOOK ME TO PARIS!!" I exclaimed. I still can't believe he brought me to Paris!! The city of love and romance ;). I wonder what he has planned for me. I bet my present sucks considering that his family is rich and mine is not. I really hope he doesn't spend that much money on me either, I would feel so guilty.


"So, where to first!?" I said overly excited.


"Our suite to put down our bags. Which we will be going to in a limo." He said expecting my reaction. I was so excited. I was smiling from ear to ear. 


"Oh my God, JUSTIN!!!" I hugged him so tight.


"Wait, you didn't let me get to the best part. We will be staying here for a week." I screamed. I had to, I mean imagine we can visit one site a day. I mean, not everyday do you get to come to Paris! I hugged him again, I was speechless.


"No need to thank me." He said as we got into the limo. I giggled and closed the window between the driver and us. Then I went over to Justin and sat on on his lap facing him with my legs on both sides of him. I came close to his ear.


"Baby, I don't think we finished earlier." I whispered sexually as I felt him tense up. I licked his ear and felt his dick rise a bit. Then I got off of him, pretending like nothing happened. I think he got mad because this is the second time already.


"I'm going to get you later." He whispered back and winked. We both laughed and arrived at the hotel. We got out and Justin grabbed my bags and we headed up the elevator. He got to the door and Justin opened the door. I was amazed. The view was incredible because of the glass wall that had a view of the Eiffel Tower. I furniture was was new and cute. There was granite counter tops.


"Wow Justin this is amazing." 


"Wait till' you see our room." He said and winked.


"Wait, "our" room?"


"Well ya, there's only one room in this suite." I smiled and we interlocked our fingers looking around the suite.


"Ok so, get ready. I'm taking you out." Justin said moving my face to look at his.


"Ok babe!" I said and pecked his lips. I ran to the shower and got back out in 10 minutes. I got dressed with a pair of jeans and a loose see-through blouse with a spaghetti-strap t-shirt under. I applied my make-up and put on my stiletto heels. I got out of the room just to see Justin as handsome as he already is in a tux.


"Wow." We said at the same time. We laughed after and I went to him and pressed my lips against his. When we pulled away Justin interlocked our hands and we went down to the main floor. We got in the limo that was waiting for us and it took us to this really fancy restaurant. We entered and there were chandeliers and sky's painted on the roof. Justin took me into this VIP section in the back where it was 10 times more beautiful. I suddenly felt eyes watching me as I gazed up at the view. I turned to Justin eyes on me and blushed.


"So... you like?"


"Are you kidding me? I love!" He smiled and pecked his cheek. We walked over to this fancy booth and slid in.


"Baby!! I want you to sit next to me!!" He whined. I giggled and went over and sat on his side. He pulled me closer by wrapping his arm around my waist. We talked and laughed and ate and just had fun. Then we got in the limo and drove back to the hotel. We got in the elevator and Justin pressed the number 6.


"Justin, what are u doing? Our room isn't 6.7. It's 1.7. You know on the first floor." I said and I felt him smile.


"Well I'm taking you to a special room. It's room number 6.9. on the 6th floor." He said and winked. Oh my God, I knew exactly where this was going. I actually felt like I wanted this more than him. I went up to the buttons and pressed every single button.


"There, that should give us enough time." I said.


"What are you-" I stopped by smashing my lips on his immediately putting my tongue inside his mouth. I wrapped my legs around him and we fought for dominance. I surprised that I actually won, so tonight was going to be fun because I was in control. We let go right as the elevator door opened. I grabbed Justin's hand and pulled him towards room 6.9. I opened the door and everything was decorated. Heart bed, heart clock, heart balloons, etc.


"Justin, when did you do this!?"


"When we went out together." He said and winked and slammed the door shut and locked it. He shoved me up against the wall. I was about to say something when Justin smashed his lips against mine. This kiss was just filled with passion. He stuck his tongue into my mouth and we started french kissing. He was such a good kisser, I can just imagine what that mouth can do to me. I started getting really wet at the thought. I pushed us off the wall and wrapped my legs around his waist. He went over to the bed and he laid on top of me our lips still together. We stayed making out for a while when Justin started kissing my jawline down to my neck. He found my sweet spot and I let out a little moan.


"Mmmm, Justinnnn." He smirked and started sucking on that spot. I felt him starting to circle his tongue around the newly made hickey. It felt so good but I was trying the hold in the moan. I bit my lip but I couldn't hold it back. I let out a loud moan. Justin smiled and gave my hickey one last peck and came up to my ear.


"You like that baby?" He said but I didn't reply. I flipped us over and started kissing his neck. I was leaving him a hickey and started to take off his shirt. As my hand reached under his shirt, Justin pulled my hands off of him and stopped kissing his neck.


"What's wrong babe?"


"I don't want to do this if your not ready."


"I'm more than ready babe, now... just fuck me cuz I'm wet as hell." I whispered in his ear. I knew that turned him on. We started making out as Justin explored my mouth. He put his hands under my shirt and rubbed my back as he started pulling up my shirt. He flipped me over and I took off his shirt and we just started looking at each other. I was tracing his abs as he was just staring at my laced bra.


"You like?" I said and smirked.


"Very." He said and winked. He found his way to my bra clip and unhooked it.


"May I?"


"All yours baby." I smirked and he took off my bra to expose 'them'. He just stared at them and I could swear he was drueling. He bit his lip and pressed his lips against mine. He squeezed my right boob as he went down my neck to my left boob. He played with my nipple and sucked on it. I let out a slight moan and he smiled. I brought his face up to mine and kissed him as I unbuckled his pants. I threw them on floor. I bite my lip as I saw the bulge rise in his pants. I ripped of his boxers too and threw them on the floor. Then I saw a huge 9" inch dick right in front of me. I didn't notice I was staring which was making it bigger. I laughed and grabbed it and bite my lip. I put in my mouth and began sucking on it. I went up and down and flicked the tip of his dick with my tongue which made him arch his back. I started flicking and squeezing his balls. I began sucking at a faster pace and kept flicking his tip.


"Oooh, baby Natalie, your so good. Yes aah, ya like that baby." He moaned as he finally came into my mouth and I swallowed it all.


"You taste so good baby." He smiled and pushed me onto the bed with him on top. He took off my shorts and stopped at my panties. I wanted him to pleasure me so bad already.


"Justiinnnn, give me what I want." He slowly took off my panties exposing my wet vagina. He licked it from top to bottom and then started rubbing my clit. He did it faster every second. While he was doing that, he licked my pussy fast making me moan.


"aaah, Justin more please fasterrr!" He then stuck his finger into my pussy and thrusted it in and out rapidly as he rubbed my clit. I was trying to hold in the moan as I arched my back and head went back.


"What's my name baby, scream it. Moan my name..."


"JUSTIIINNNNNNN J-US-ST F-UCK ME AL-RE-EA-DYYY" I said as I moved up and down to the way he was thrusting his finger inside of me. It was like a feeling I've never felt before. It was pure sensation and just felt so good. I was about to cum when Justin stopped and looked at me.


"Justin! Really babe, I was about to cum, baby I want you NOW!" I said in a demanding voice.


"You sure your ready for this?"


"Yes baby please, stop teasing!" I think he was liking this side of me because he smirked and put the tip of his dick around my entrance to tease.


"Justinnn..." Before I even finished he was inside of me. He started out slow first then got a faster pace by the second. It hurt so bad but then the pain went away and slowly became pleasure. It felt even better than before. I was letting it all out as my walls tightened around his dick. He started going alot faster as I was screaming.


"JUSTINNN, OH MY GOD, JUSTIN FASTER PLEASE HARDER BABY, LOVE ME... HARD!" I screamed as I felt his thrust faster and faster into me. That kept on for a while and I knew I was about to cum.


"Baby, Ima-"


"I know baby, I know just hold it in a bit longer." I tried to hold it as long as I could but then I came and let out one last big moan. Justin came right after me and we drank it up. We laughed and then he just pulled me into a hug and I buried my head in his shoulder and we fell asleep in each others arms.




Hope you guys liked it! Stayed up all night doing this on my phone for you guys cuz my computer broke down so comment what you thought!!! :D



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