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Natalia is 18 and Justin is 19. Natalia and Justin have been friends since they were 3. They have been there for each other ever since. But when memories come flushing back from when they were 12, will they be more than just "friends"? Or will there friendship be ruined?

(Warning: Sex parts are extremely detailed.)


5. My Hero

Justin's P.O.V:




I was so happy about what just happened. "I'm going on a date with her," I said to myself as Natti left. Tonight was the night I was going to show Natti how I felt. I got up and went to the shower. When I got out, I put on some boxers and black pants. I was trying to decide what shirt to where. I finally decided to where my blue button-down shirt, I thought it looked kind of hot. I put on blue supras and did my hair with the little bump in the front, like always. I put on an expensive watch and some perfume and was ready to go.




On my way to Natti's apartment I stopped by a flower shop and bought a bouquet of red roses with one fake rose with a note attached to the fake one. It read: "When this flower dies, my love for you does too." I thought it was cheesy but cute.




I had finally arrived at Natti's apartment. I was ready to get out when I saw Brandon and Natti kissing. I slammed to door closed and stood frozen about what I was seeing. I saw Brandon move down to her neck and saw Natti's eyes pouring into my soul as if telling me to help her.




"HELP!!" Natti yelled.




"JUSTIN, PLEASE HELP ME!!" She yelled again. I couldn't move, I was frozen and the flowers dropped out of my hands. Suddenly, Brandon noticed me there and slammed her front door shut. I don't know what to do, but I had to help her. I wasn't going to let Brandon rape her. I finally felt my legs could move again. I ran to her front door and the door was locked and the keys weren't under the mat anymore. I kicked the door with all my might and let myself in I ran to the room where I heard screaming.




Natti's P.O.V:




Justin didn't move, he was frozen but i needed him to save me. He dropped a bouquet of flowers he had in his hands. Then suddenly, Brandon realized that Justin was there. He slammed the door shut and took me to my bedroom. He kept going down on my neck then said something.




"You look sexy today..." He kept on kissing my neck. "Your ganna regret ever breaking up with me baby. I'm ganna show you what happens to bad girls when they do bad things." He whispered. He kept going lower until he pulled down my dress and kept on kissing my stomach. I tried getting out but his grip got stronger. He was holding me down and then I heard the front door being busted open.




I started screaming at the top of my lungs so the person could hear what room we were in. Brandon covered my mouth and smacked me. Then I saw my hero in front of my eyes. Justin ripped Brandon off of me and punched him in the face.




"DON'T" *punch* "EVER" *punch* "TOUCH" *punch* "HER" *punch* "AGAIN!" *punch* Brandon fell on the floor as I scooted to the wall next to the bed hugging my knees. Justin kicked him once more. "GET OUT OF HERE AND DON'T EVER COME BACK!" Justin said furiously as Brandon ran away with blood all over his face. Justin then turned his attention towards me and I saw how his eyes softened up and looked at me with a concerned face. Justin came over and hugged me. I just nuzzled my head into his neck.




Justin saw that I was tensed up and rubbed my back lightly saying, "It's ok, he's gone now and I won't ever let him touch you again." That did make me calm down. I then remembered I was only wearing a bra and panties.




"Thank you Justin, but do you think I can't get dressed?" He giggled and I smiled.




"Of coarse." With that Justin walked out and I put my dress back on, put my heels back on, and fixed anything else. I walked out looking like I did before Brandon tried to rape me. Justin was standing there looking amazing as always and then I noticed his jaw dropped and he was checking me out.




"Wow," was all he could get out. I giggled and then he noticed he was still staring at me. He smiled, I loved that smile.




"Shall we my lady?" He said bowing.




"We shall," I said as I giggled. He took my arm so we were hand in hand.




"Let's go my hero." I said as we walked out.




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