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Natalia is 18 and Justin is 19. Natalia and Justin have been friends since they were 3. They have been there for each other ever since. But when memories come flushing back from when they were 12, will they be more than just "friends"? Or will there friendship be ruined?

(Warning: Sex parts are extremely detailed.)


16. Dear Diary

  My new story "Dear Diary" (Chapter 1) is out for you guys to read! It's about... actually, I want you guys to AT LEAST go read the blurb. Please favorite, like, and comment to let me know you guys like it! I've been meaning to write this story for a while now but never got around to it. It is taking a big part of me to dig back into my past and write this for you guys.

  I will be posting around 3 chapters a week. Maybe more. Maybe not. Just check it out please, I promise chapter 2 will be more interacting with Justin (just read it if you don't understand) and the show of the text messages but I just needed to set a setting for Chapter 1.

  Hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you!

        Yours Truly,


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