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Natalia is 18 and Justin is 19. Natalia and Justin have been friends since they were 3. They have been there for each other ever since. But when memories come flushing back from when they were 12, will they be more than just "friends"? Or will there friendship be ruined?

(Warning: Sex parts are extremely detailed.)


8. 3 Words, 1 Meaning

Natti's P.O.V:


"Be my girlfriend, Natalia." Justin spoke. I was a bit shocked at first but then a smile grew onto my face. I kissed him on the lips passionately. I loved him so much, but I don't know how to tell him. I pulled out of the kiss and he looked into my eyes.


"I'm guessing that's a yes?" I nodded happily because I was speechless. I suddenly got a text. I went over to my phone and looked at the text. It was from the same unknown number and the text read: "I see you already have a new boyfriend, not for long." I was freaking out at this point. I felt my face flush out of color. I was pale and Justin looked at me scared.


"Baby, are you ok?"


"Umm, Justin you need to see this." I handed him my phone where he saw all the texts the person sent me. Then my phone vibrated and Justin turned pale. I looked at my phone and there was a new text that read: "Hello Justin." I looked at Justin and he looked at me, not only had the color returned to his face but it was red. His eyes were full of anger.


"I know exactly who this is." Justin said really pissed off.




"Brandon." Justin said, I froze. I mean does he know for sure, even if it is Brandon, how does he know everything were saying. Justin took out his phone and handed it to me. I went to his messages and saw the same unknown number. I saw a pictures of me and Justin and a text saying: "She's mine."


I broke down. It was too much for me, I couldn't believe what was happening. I mean, he could to something to us or hurt Justin. I don't care about me, I want him to be safe. I nuzzled my head into Justin's neck, soaking his shirt with tears. I didn't think he cared though. He was just rubbing my back and playing with my hair. He just kept whispering that everything was going to be alright.


"I know what were ganna do." Justin said lifting my head to look in his eyes. I nodded and he explained the plan. Once he explained I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep.




Justin's P.O.V:


I woke up and Natti wasn't in bed. I got up and looked into the bathroom. Nope. I was starting to get worried. What if Brandon took her. I suddenly heard a huge crash coming from downstairs. I ran down stairs.


"Natti!!" I yelled.


"I'm right here babe, it's ok. I dropped the pan." She said as she giggled. I sighed in relief and hugged her tight. I pecked her lips.


"So what are you making?"


"Pancakes and BACON." I laughed, Natti doesn't like bacon but she knows I love it so she makes it anyway. She started making it and I crept behind her and grabbed her waist. She threw her hands back and the pancake batter went all over me. Natti started laughing.


"HAHA, I THINK YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!" Natti turned and grabbed something then poured it all over me.


"OMG, NAT!" I was kind of pissed but it was a bit funny. I wasn't going to let my pride down though. I grabbed some flour and threw it at her.


"OH MY GOD JUSTIN, MY EYES!" I suddenly felt really guilty. I came up closer to her and pecked her lips and got the flour out of her eyes. She then smirked and put some flour into my hair.


"YOU TRICKED ME!" She laughed and came up to me. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine.


"Come on, lets go get cleaned up," she said seductively and bite her lip. "Damn," I thought to myself. She knew that turned me on. She grabbed my hand and led me towards her bathroom. She turned on the shower and grabbed my hand and pulled me in.


We were in hot water and she turned around and put her hands on my neck and kissed me. The water was pouring on her and her cloths were sticking onto her skin. She looked so hot. I couldn't resist so I picked up and had her legs wrap around my waist. I pulled onto the wall and licked her lips. I pulled away though. I knew this was the right time. She looked at me confused.


"Natti, I've been waiting for a long time to tell you this." I put her down and she nodded.


"Natalia, I am in love with you." There it was, the words that I've needed to get off my chest for a long time. She looked shocked but then a smile replaced that look. I smiled back.


"Justin, I was going to wait for the right time so..." She took a deep breath. "Justin, I am so deeply in love with you. I LOVE YOU." We both smiled and I pecked her lips.




There it is, chapter 8!! I really hope you guys liked it!! Oh and shout-out to my friends: Shaniqua and Natisha. LMFAO. If you guys are reading this, remember I said wait till chapter 9;) Ok well please like, comment, favorite, and become a fan because I will be starting another movella soon.


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