My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


16. You live here?

Before our departure, I called Louise to tell her that I was going to stay at Niall's for a while. She said it was fine as long as I packed and didn't do anything stupid.

We're in the car, driving to Niall's place. The ride was silent, like always. We didn't talk much and I was okay with that.

As the came down to a stop, I looked out the window to see a big, white mansion. My jaw dropped.

"You live here?" I said in awe. He chuckled, and mumbled a "Yeah."

We stepped out and I grabbed my bag that was in the back seat. As we walked up the few steps of his house, or mansion I should say, he took the bag from me.

"I can take my own bag, you know." I looked at him before he shrugged.

"I know." he said as he stopped and checked the time on his phone. Sneaking a look over his shoulder, it said 6:43pm.

"Nearly time for dinner." he whispered, more to himself. He quickly intertwined our fingers together tightly and let out a nervous breath before swinging the door open. Wait. Was he nervous?

We stepped into the astonishing creme-coloured walled house, nearly everything the colour of creme-ish, white, including the spiral staircase that ascended to the next level on top of the one we were on. The lights were lit dimly and there was a smell of vanilla in the house of the Horan's. I was breathless just at the sight of this place. I played this scene in my head from an imaginary person's perspective and it looked like I was Alice in Wonderland or Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, looking at everything that I thought didn't exist. It looked so amazing, though everything was plain.

"NIIIAAALLLLLLL!!" I was bought out of my trance when a little girl called his name. Niall let go of my hand, dropped my bag and picked up the little brunette girl that had his eyes. My eyes widened.

"Hello there, missy. Have you been a good girl for Mommy and Daddy?" (A/N: sorry, I feel American for some reason :P) This got my confused. The little girl smiled at me, before leaning into his ear, whispering something I couldn't understand.

He chuckled. She must've said something about me looking funny or hideous. I mean, who wouldn't. Seriously.

He replied by whispering something back into her ear, something I couldn't understand again. I was standing there, awkwardly, my hands behind my back. The little girl giggled and made her way to me, which wasn't that far, less than half a meter.

"Hi, my name's Ava. Ava Horan." she said proudly. I looked at Niall, and he nodded his head in approval. I smiled down at her and crouched down to her, meeting her at eye level.

"H-Hello. I'm Rosie." I said, holding out my hand. This time, Ava looked up at Niall and smiled at him before looking back at me and accepting my handshake.

"What's your last name?" she asked sweetly. Niall said to Ava that it was rude of her to ask, but I still told her anyways.

"Ava, go tell Jade we're here." Niall says to Ava. I raised to my normal height, stretching my legs a little bit, as Ava gave Niall a small hug, wrapping her small arms around his waste, before skipping further into the house.

"Let's go upstairs and put your stuff down, yeah?" Niall said before picking my bag back up and and walking up the staircase.

I stayed a few steps behind him, still hot on his trails just in case I don't get lost. Niall opened a door to a room which I assume is his bedroom. He walked in as I stayed outside, waiting at the door frame.

"You can come in." he said, setting my bag down on one of the couchs he had in his room. I stepped in slowly but taking a large step before planting my feet in one spot, so that I was standing still, looking like a straight pencil. He chuckled, walked over behind me and pushed me until I was sitting on his bed.

"There's nothing wrong here, is there?" he asks nervously after a short moment. I shook my head at his question and looked down at my twiddling thumbs. He was shuffling around his room until he entered in what looked like his bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and instantly think that he's in it.

I go over to my bag and take out my phone, walking back to the bed once I had it. I checked for any missed calls, but only got a text from Marcel.

From Marcel: Hope you're getting better. xx

He's so sweet. Just a simple and small text.

Niall came out of the bathroom, in just his boxers and wet hair. What?!

"Uh...Shouldn't I leave if you're changing?" I asked, looking at my lock screen.

"No. Does it bother you?"


He snickered. I looked up and he had his back faced to me. He was looking through his drawers. After about 5 minutes of waiting on Niall, we walked out of his room and headed downstairs. I checked my phone for the time and it read 7:03pm. I slipped my phone into my pocket and followed Niall until we reached the dining room. Suddenly scared of what was going to happen next, I hid behind Niall, or at least tried to.

"... and see, I told you Niall was here." I heard Ava cry out.

"Niall!" an older lady called out. He nodded at the lady and turned towards me, motioning me to move towards him. I looked over at everyone who was staring back at me. I looked to where Niall was and kept my eyes is way until he unexpectedly slips his arm around my waist.



hello :D

writing this was half and half - easy and hard, i stayed up all night so i hope it's worth it.

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the boys got signed with Simon for another 3 years! YES!

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p.s.  the time in sydney right now is 3:39AM - 29/9/13 <3

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