My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


29. Yes, but...

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"How has your night been?" Jack asks as we drove to the city. It felt like we were about to crash Marcel's dinner with his family, especially his aunt's birthday dinner.

"It's been better. Being the bookworm I am, just read. I was reading before you text."

"Oh, sorry to bother you."

"What, why? I needed a break but I didn't want to stop reading. The author that wrote the book had me attached. Trust me, Patricia Cornwall's books are amazing. You should read her books."

Jack laughed at me in a joking way. "Well, not really a bookworm myself." he said, keeping his eyes on the road.

When he came to pick me up, Louise thought I was seeing another guy. But I told her that Jack was just a friend and that we were going out for a late coffee in the city. That was part true, though I didn't want to tell her what we were really doing. She was actually glad that I was going out because remembering me a few weeks earlier, I kinda had no friends, apart from Marcel.

We go through the drive-thru at Starbucks and ordered a chocolate frappe while Jack ordered a simple cappuccino.

We went through the freeway, which was our main road to the city There were other main roads, but this seemed to be quicker. Jack was driving too fast on the freeway that kinda gave me a headache, also maybe because I drank my frappe too fast. We were off the freeway in no time and we were on  our way to the gym. For most of the ride, the air in the car was filled with a comfortable and warm yet uncomfortable and queasy setting. And quiet. I couldn't stand the silence, so I decided to ask you the question that was bugging me from the start of this situation.

"How did you know where Niall was? Or right now, is?" I said, looking out the window and seeing the familiar city.

Jack, by the looks of it, was unsettle in his chair. He fidgeted for a bit then relaxed, before he started to speak. "I'm pretty sure Niall said to you that a couple years ago... We were... friends of friends... who didn't get along." he struggled with the end part.

"Okay..." I said while stretching out the word. "But that still doesn't get to where -"

"I'm getting there," he said impatiently. I was taken aback by his sudden mood change, which is kinda like PMS for a girl. Not calling him a girl, though, it's just... Oh crap, nevermind!

"Sorry," I replied almost instantly.

"No, you shouldn't be sorry. I was just a little stressed at where I'm taking you."

"Why are you taking me anyways?"

"You need to see something."

"Need to see what?"

He didn't answer, as he drove faster. And his face suddenly changed into a more angry-looking state. I kinda was scared just looking at him.

We sat in silent before Jack pulled off the motorway, and drove for some more minutes until we parked off a main street. My phone rang and I hastily picked it up.


"You here?"

"Um, we're parked on a street."


"Jack gave me a ride."

"What street are you on?"

I looked around the street, while Jack was out having a cigarette. I didn't know that he smoked. He always smelled nice. I found the street sign saying 'Jones St'.

"Jones Street," I said into the phone. "You don't have to come, I have Jack. I can't let you leave that restaurant, it's your Aunt's birthday. So, Marcel, you stay. Jack says I have to see something anyways. And I'llcallyoutomorrowandtellyouwhat'shappenedtonight,okaybye!" I really didn't want Marcel to join us, mostly because it was his Aunt's birthday and I didn't want his mother to be angry and ground him. Not that he's ever been grounded before. But the smaller part that didn't want him to come... I actually don't know what that part didn't want Marcel to come. It feels... empty.

Jack knocked onto the window, making me jump slightly. He chuckled through the window and motioned for me to get out.

I obviously got out, following his command. I looked up at him, and he had this expression on his face that I couldn't pinpoint on what it was. Was it sadness? Or... I seriously can't point it out.

He started walking and told me to follow. We walked for quite a long time, and the longer the walk, I was getting more and more anxious about where he was taking me.

"Are we nearly there yet?" Geez, I sounded like a little kid.

"Nearly. You cold?"

"Just a bit."

"Come here."

I moved close to him, and he reluctantly put his arm over my shoulders, immediately pulling me close. I was now warm.

We turned into a street more lights and people and cars. I guess we've reached a main road.

"The gym's just here, turn left." Jack instructed me.

I followed what he said and entered a dark painted building.



Niall's POV.

"Come on, hit it harder, Horan!" Coach Cowell yelled. I was practicing my boxing skills, just to get into shape. And because he asked me to represent him for a fight coming this weekend, which is tomorrow.

"Give him a break, Uncle Simon, you've obviously over worked him. Just give him at least 5 minutes." the feminine voice said behind me. I sighed, knowing who that voice belonged to.

"Why does she have to be here?" I angrily growled at Simon.

"Because Niall..." he said my name like it was he was sick of having me around. "She's my niece and I have to mind her while her parents are away on vacation. Please, do NOT ask me again. Keep going," he said, as he held up his gloved up hands and motioned me to punch towards them, hitting them hard.

From a distance, we all hear a phone ring, immediately leaving it for someone at the front desk to pick it up. I was concentrating hard on my punches, giving what Simon had asked for. Soon, there was a knock on the gym door.

"Excuse me, Coach, but there's someone on the phone for you." a lady in a red blouse and black skirt said, holding a pen.

The coach sighed heavily, and told me that I could take 5. I was relieved that he finally would give me a break, punching, kicking, running, crunching for 7 hours seemed a little hard when you've just started up your exercises again.

I sighed and sat down on one of the seats at the end of the room, Hayley on the other end busy with her phone. I needed to check my phone too, but after realizing my bag was on the other side of the room, where Hayley was, I mentally slap myself because I was on that end too and I should've picked up my bag before I came and sat down to where I am now.

I stood up and walked to where my bag was, not making any eye contact with her.

I grabbed my bag and as I was rising, a rush of wind blew towards me as I was pushed up against the wall, happening all in one swift motion.

"I've missed you," she had her lips at my left ear, her breath against my skin. Her fingers were trailing on my clothed chest. So lucky that I wore my shirt and didn't take it off. "Terribly." she finished off. The feeling she gave me was chills down my spine. Then, unexpectedly, her lips crashed onto mine with full force. Her lips were soft, and they were moving fast. She gripped both my hands and put them on her waist and then flew her hands to the back of my head. I pushed her back, hard enough for her to fly back and land on her backside. The door swung open and behind it revealed Rosie. This isn't what it looks like.



Rosie's POV

It looked exactly what I thought it was. What was she doing here? And why was Niall's hair looking like her hand had been running through it? He looked absolutely shocked to see me here. The look said that he was sorry. But the look on Hayley's said a different story. Her lips were formed into a smirk. Well, obviously, she wanted this to happen somehow.

I turned around to Jack who was hidden behind the door. "Is this what you wanted me to see? My...," I was his, Niall's. I'm not used to cursing, but fuck, what was this with Niall? Using the term 'boyfriend' felt weird on my tongue. "Him? And Hayley?" My words were barely above a whisper, but he somehow had read my lips and understood. He nodded and motioned me towards him. I left the door, and walked right towards the exit, passing an middle-aged man on the way.

My chest felt tight, and my nose felt weird because tears were threatening to fall. I know it's been a week, but we've spent time together like we were an actual couple. He kissed me and told me that he wouldn't hurt me.

I started walking, I didn't know where, but I had to be on a footpath and not the road.

"ROSIE, WAIT UP!" Argh, that voice! I missed it dearly, even though it's nearly been a day.

His footsteps were fast and hard - he was running. A few seconds I was being pulled back, my arms flying and my waist being held tightly. "Rosie, you listen to me, okay?" Tears were flowing but I made no sound, my expression neutral. Niall turned me around and pulled my face with both hands to look up at him, his eyes looking like a sad puppy's.

"She came onto me, she kissed me and I had no intention of kissing her back, I promise Rosie, all of that was her." he said breathlessly. I searched his face, looking for any signs of lying, but there were none. I let out a loud sob, and embraced him tight. He returned he gesture, holding me tighter, patting my head as my cries became quiet. I settled down, breathing in the scent of sweat. He smells but how can I care at a time like this.

He pulled me away, and bent down slightly to read my face. I bet my mascara's smudged, running down my face... Or probably stained but can wipe it off later.

"You know, I won't hurt you, I've told you that before."

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, I know it’s been a week, but you make me happy. Just seeing your face makes my day. I… I like you Rosie Targo.”



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