My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.



being bullied is the worst feeling.

Rosie's p.o.v.

I sat down next to Marcel, opening my paper bag that contained my jam sandwich. "So, how was your previous class?" I asked him as I took a bite out of my sandwich.

"It was okay. Got a few spitballs spat at me." he said looking down. I felt sorry for him sometimes. But what I like most about him, is that he still manages to put a smile on his face even though the whole school seems to put him down. "How about you?" he asked looking at me.

"Weird. I was late for Math, then I bumped into Niall. He pinned me against the wall and held my throat because I called him a jerk. When his friend came and called for him, he left a kiss and called me 'princess'. Everyone was quite surprised that I came late. But I told the teacher that I had a stomach bug." I said taking a breath. He went wide-eyed for a while before he took a bite out of his sandwich. "You know, why is it always the nerds that get bullied? Why can't it be those people who don't even know anything? It's them that's not gonna get anywhere in life, not us." I said.

"I know, but I think we should quit complaining because we don't get our heads dunked in toilets, like the nerds at other schools."

"Yeah." I replied, nodding. Just as I finished my sandwich, I looked up to see Hayley, Niall and both their posses making an 'entrance'.

The thing that made Hayley and her friends stand out was their choice of clothing. Some people liked it, especially the boys. They were always too...revealing. And what stood out from the boys, was their good looks. They were popular. They had everything anyone ever wanted. And get whatever they wanted. Marcel and I watched them as they walked past. Niall looked at me again, and formed a smirk on his lips. My head couldn't turn away, so I just moved my eyes downwards to focus on something else. I felt heat creeping onto my cheeks. I shouldn't have this feeling. No, no.

The sound of chairs clinking against others brought me back to reality. I turned my head towards their table and my eyes landed on Hayley on top of Niall, snogging him.

"Come on, we should get going and head to English." I heard Marcel say before getting up. I look away and followed his action, heading to the bin with him behind me. As I walk towards the bin, I get wrappers and milk cartons thrown at me. I'm like a walking rubbish bin to them. I throw my wrapper into the bin and just keep walking with my head down.

I walk down the halls, with people staring at me, giving me dirties. See, this is what I live with ever since I started high school. And when people walk past me, I get my books thrown to the floor. Someone once stepped on my glasses and put them into a million pieces. My aunt was so angry, she filed a complaint to the school, but they didn't do anything. But I'll be getting contacts soon. So no more stepping on my glasses!

I poked my head through the door to check if the teacher was in there, but no, not yet. I walked to one of the back desks and set my books and bags on top. Marcel quietly placed his books on the desk and placed his bag under the desk. We look over our notes on English as the second bell rings and the rest of the students run in to claim their seats.

"Goodmorning, students!" the teacher yells, getting our attention focused on him. "Now, have we all read chapter 7 on the book we're looking at, The Outsiders?" he asks, cleaning his glasses. He's the short and fat type. And bald too. A round of "yes's", "no's" and groans as he walked around the classroom. "Rosie, have you...of course." he said, taking the paper I handed him. I smile at him and to Marcel who had his papers all in a cluster. "Now, Marcel, do you?" the teacher asks with his hands behind his back and rocking forward on his heels.

"Uhh...y-yess, I do, s-sir." he stuttered as he got his papers together. He finally gave him the right papers and nods at the teacher. "Th-there you go, sir." Mr Lowe gave him a disappointed look and walked away. Marcel sighed heavily and got the rest of his papers and tried to get the-

"THINK FAST!"I heard someone yell before all I see is flying papers everywhere and Marcel lying on his back on the floor. The next thing I heard was a whole lot a laughter. I looked around to see the football team laughing their heads off, two literally rolling on the floor. I get down to help him, but that didn't really help out because someone had thrown a ball at my head.


A/N: i edited, joined the two parts together :)

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