My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


6. There's this small carnival

I settled down after the little debate I had with myself earlier. I covered my Crunch with the icing and cut a square from it. I ate it, and it tasted delicious! I'm going to pack some for tomorrow. And maybe Marcel would want some.

I headed out to the lounge and flipped the channel to Disney. It was re-runs of the old shows I loved. Like That's So Raven and Suite Life of Zack and Cody. As I was watching an episode of which was a crossover between the two shows with Hannah Montana, there was a knock at my door. Who could be here? - I thought to myself. I looked at the clock and saw that it was past 7. Shit. Wasn't Niall supposed to be here? The person on the other side of the door knocked again, but this time it was harder. I jumped at the sound of their fist pounding my door. I was praying hard that it wasn't Niall.

I slowly walked towards it and opened it slowly. The other side revealed the person I expected the least to come to my door. Okay, maybe not Hayley, but it was Niall. He was wearing a pair of coffee coloured jeans, with a plain black t-shirt. I was still wearing the clothes I wore to school today. When he saw me, he eyed me up and down, before I spoke. "What are you doing here? And how'd you know where I live?" I said, half scared and half...surprised?

"I told you not to doubt me and to wear something nice and that I was picking you up at 7. It's now quarter past."

"I don't want to go." I said, trying to be confident, but the nervousness within me was seeping through my tone of voice.

"Whether you do, or not, you're coming. Go and put something nice on." he said harshly, pointing to the stairs. My attempt to close the door on him failed because he simply put his foot in between the door frame and the door. He pushed the door a bit hard, which made me stumble backwards. He came in and shut the door quite loudly. He walked upstairs as he asked where my bedroom was. I told him it was the third door on the left. I heard my door open and heard some shuffling upstairs. I sat back down and continued to watch the program that was still on.

A few minutes later, I heard Niall coming downstairs. He cleared his throat, making me look behind me to look at him. He was holding a black dress. "I want you to wear this." he said, chucking the dress to me, which landed in my face. I took the dress off my face and shifted my glasses up to the bridge of my nose.

"I told you, I don't want to go." I said, trying to be more confident than I was before. He looked angry as I said this and he took a few steps forward before I jumped out of the chair and yelled "OKAY, OKAY. I'LL GET READY. Geez" I walked past him and headed upstairs towards my bedroom. As I walked in, it was like I entered a war zone. Clothes were everywhere and my things looked like they've been thrown from every direction.

I sighed and closed my door as I stripped down and slipped on my dress. The dress was tight. It's because I haven't worn it since my year 6 farewell. But back then, the dress length was up to my shins. It was good style then. Now, the dress was up to mid-thigh, or just above my knees. Even though it was tight, it hugged by curves in the good places. I wasn't really used to wearing dresses. I wondered why Niall chose this one over the other ones I had. I didn't have any heels, so I decided to wear my Dr. Martens. I slipped on some nude coloured stockings before I slipped the boots on. I looked at myself at the full body mirror I had. My insecurites were still present, but I brushed them off, trying to think of the positive. I took my hair out, but left my fringe which was split in half and pinned to both sides.

I walked down the stair case and into the lounge room, no sign of Niall in there. I went to the kitchen and found him eating half of the crunch I made earlier this afternoon. I cleared my throat to get his attention. His face was full of chocolate icing and honestly, he looked like a small 6yearold, being all kid. " alright there?" I asked, as he turned around, still munching on a slice of Crunch.

"Yeah, nice brownie you got there" he replied. I slowly nodded my head as I got my bag off the counter. "You ready?" he asked, before I nodded again. "Okay, let's leave." We walked out the door and headed to his car. A black range rover was out front. It looks nice at night, but I've never seen it at school.

"This your car?" I asked. He fumbled with the keys before answering, "Yeah, I just got it today." I slowly nodded as he opened the passenger door to let me in. I gave him a small smile before stepping into the car and sat in the seat. He closed that door and walked around to the dirver's side.

The ride there was quiet, but we were heading out of town. I don't know where we're going now. "Where are we going?" I asked, looking out the window.

"There's this small carnival out of town, people are talking about it."


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