My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


19. Pinkie Promise


Niall's POV


I told Rosie that she's mine and mine only. I will try to protect her from everything, and tonight just confirmed that if anyone who dares to touch her, will be in some serious trouble. Even if my past will slowly come creeping back, which I hope never will.

I lay in bed, with my arm around Rosie. She looks so peaceful. I haven't slept since we got in here, just in case someone comes in. I look over to the digital clock on the bedsied table as it read 5:34am. My eyes start to feel heavy from exhaustion. I decided to close my eyes for a bit when a phone starts ringing. My eyes shot open quickly, my brain and ears alarmed at the sudden sound. I looked around and saw Rosie's phone lighting up from the person who's calling her. Who is even bothered to call someone at half past 5 in the morning?

I gently removed my arm from around Rosie and place a pillow underneath her head. I then quickly jogged over to the other side of the bed and picked her phone up and looked at the caller ID. It read 'Louiseeeee'. I took a quick glance at Rosie before answering the ringing phone.

"Hello?" my voice, husky from not talking for over 3 three hours, maybe more.

"Hello, who is this? Where's Rosie?!" Rosie's aunt says frantically.

"Oh, sorry. It's Niall. Rosie's just sleeping in bed." I said softly looking at Rosie, if there was any signs of her waking up anytime soon, which I hoped not.

"Oh. Niall. Were you sleeping too?" She asks.

"N-No, I was just watching Rosie sleep." I mentally slap myself for saying that, so I added, "Just to see if she's okay."

"Oh. Okay. I should be coming back today, her grandmother's feeling better now, and she's alright to go home." Um, okay thankyou for telling me? "Anyways, she's alright, how is she feeling?"

"I think she'a alright. She hasn't really puked lately, and she seems fine by the looks of it."

"Okay, that's good. I think that she should go to school today, you think?"

"It looks like she's well enough for school, but I'll ask her how she's feeling. If she's alright then, I should take her."

"Cool, thanks. I think a week is enough for her. Anyways, tell her that I'll be home soon and I'll see you both later!" she said before she hung up. I removed the phone from my ear and mumbled a 'bye' before placing it back on the bedside table.

I walked over to the other side of the bed, but before I jumped in, I saw her eyes flicker open. She rubbed them to get a better vision of her surroundings when her eyes landed on me as I lay back on the headboard.

"You think you're fit to go to school today?" I asked.


Rosie's POV


"Yeah." I nodded. I felt more sleepy now, so I just laid back on my back and closed my eyes with my arm over my head. "Just drop me back home and I'll go from there."

"No." I lifted my arm a bit and took a peek at Niall. He was already looking at me, making my cheeks heat up with a little of embarrassment. I put my arm over my eyes again and replied with, "Why? I'm perfectly fine when I walk to school."

He sighed. "Your aunt called. I hope you don't mind but I answered it. She said that you should be alright to go back to school, which I think you are. And she said that she'll be home later tonight." Niall changing the subjects now is starting to annoy me.

"Thanks." I mumbled. "May I use your bathroom?"

"Just use it." he said carelessly.

I got up and picked up my bag from the couch across the room and walked over to the bathroom, locking it after me.

I put the bag on the bench opened it before I pulled out a plain oversized jumper and some plain leggings. The love I have for oversized jumpers and leggings. I had to be careful of my hand, since it's still bandaged up. As soon as I slid out of my onesie and slipped them both on plus my socks and Converses, I stepped out into the room with Niall out of sight. I sighed and placed my bag where it was before. After waiting for a few more minutes, Niall came in with a plate of pancakes and muffins.

"Here, eat up. Just save me a muffin, will ya?" he said placing the plate in my lap.

As I finished my muffin, there as a knock at the door. Niall got up from his spot on the computer chair and answered it. It was a lady holding a basket. I've never seen before. Well, obviously because it's the first time I've been to his house.

"Hi Jade." he said cheerfully. Jade. This must be the person Ava went to tell that Niall and I were here last night. She looks like she's in her late 30's to early 40's.

"Do you have any clothing you'd like to be washed, Niall?" she asked, looking around his room. When her eyes landed on me, she gave me a warm smile. "Who's this?" she gestured to me.

"Rosie, a friend from school." he shouted over his shoulder as he walked over to the basket on the other side of the room as my stomach cringed when he said 'friend'. I gave her a small smile and a wave and she bobbed her head in my direction, a gesture saying hello.

Niall came back with an armful of clothes and placed it in the basket Jade was holding. "Thank-you, Niall. Have a nice day, you too Rosie." she looked at me before she left.

"Thankyou, Jade!" he said before closing his door. He was still shirtless from the night before, and making eye contact with him made my cheeks flu- What am I saying here? I don't know, why am I stupid? Wouldn't anyone's cheeks heat up if they were in the room with the football jock in school? I bet the other girls would just throw themselves at him.

He went to his dresser and pulled out a black t-shirt and hauled it over his head and over the rest of his upper body.

"I need to go back home and pick up some stuff." I spoke up.

"Sure, just hang on a second." he said before walking into his bathroom. He came out with his down and a snapback placed over his blonde locks. "Ready?" I nodded and stood up with my bag over my shoulder and the plate that held the muffin I saved Niall. He came over and took the plate from me and headed out the door. We walked to the top of the staircase and suddenly felt my stomach turn into knots and waves and everything uncomfortable. Thinking of what happened early this morning just made me walk slower. Niall was already at the bottom of the stairs while I was still on the top level.

"You comin' down or what?" Niall said, his voice booming through the huge house. I looked at him and he had his sunglasses on with his bag slung over his left shoulder. He must've already taken the plate back to the kitchen. I nodded and descended down quickly but before I made it out the door, Niall grabbed my waist and pulled me to his side.

"I've got to say bye to my sister first," he chuckled and smiled. I nodded my head before he took my hand in his and walked us to his sister's bedroom. Niall lightly knocked on the door and turned to knob, opening the door revealing on the other side that Ava was playing in the corner with her dolls and Jade was in there cleaning the toys laying around.

"NIall!" Ava squealed excitiedly at her older brother and came running towards him. Niall let go of my hand and picked her up, the way he did last night when we walked in.

"Ava." he said, looking right into her eyes. I wonder if anyone else has seen this side of Niall before.

"Hi, Rosie!" the little girl in Niall's arms said cheerfully. I smiled at her.

"Hello, Ava."

"Did you have breakfast? Did you like it? I made it with Jade early this morning." she asked, the cheer still in her voice. This girl is so full of happiness.. I nodded my head 'yes' as a reply to her question.

"Yes, thank-you for the pancakes and muffins, they were lovely." I replied.

"Yes, thankyou, Ava and Jade." Niall shouted across to where Jade was who was now making Ava's bed and kissed his little sister on the cheek.

"Would you like to play with me and my dolls? We're having a tea party." Ava asked.

"Sorry, but Rosie and I gotta be going soon." Niall said as he put her down on her own two feet.

"Awww, please?!" she dragged out the e's and s in the word.

"Maybe later." he replied.

"Pinkie promise that Rosie will come back and play with me later." she demanded, her eyebrows furrowed in anger at her older brother.

"Pinkie promise!" he held out his left pinkie and hooked it with Ava's promising that I'll play with her some time.

"And you..." she turned to me as my cheeks heated up, "You pinkie promise me that you will play with me... Please?" Her eyes where big and bright. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I crouched down to meet her at eye level, held out my pinkie and hooked it with hers.

"I pinkie promise you that the next time I'll come here, I'll play with you and your dolls." I smiled at her. She unhooked our pinkies and quickly wrapped her small arms around my neck. I was taken aback by her sudden move but then wrapped my arms around her.

We both pulled back at the same time as I gave her a small smile. I stood up to my normal height as she skipped back to her tea party table.

"We're gonna go now, see ya Jade. Bye Ava." he said blowing a kiss to the little girl who was sitting at the small pink table surrounded by big teddy bears and life-sized dolls.

"Bye Niall, bye Rosie." she waved. I waved back and followed Niall out the front door.

The drive back to my house was silent. I was wondering how my grandmother was going. If she really was okay. She could come and live with us, but I think she'll rather live with her friends at the nursing home then live with Louise and I. Driving through the early morning was nice, looking at the sun rise behind the hills and the purple-orange sky.

I felt the car coming to a stop, then I realized that we were at my place already.

"Just drop off your bag, collect your books and come back to the car."

"I want to walk to school."

"Well maybe I don't want you walking to school." he snapped.

"Why not? I can ask Marcel to walk with me." I replied back.

"Just go and grab the stuff you need and get back here, alright, that's it." He unlocked the doors and stepped out of the car, heading back behind the car.



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