My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


24. New & Weird

2 weeks later

Being away from him feels weird. I still see him around, but he doesn't come near me. I don't like this. I hate this. In classes, he's just the same old Niall I knew before. The one that always had a girl on his arm before and after every class. He doesn't even look at me. I feel hurt. What about those words he said to me? He said that I was his, and he he would protect me. I frowned at that thought. Hayley hasn't touched me nor looked at me.

Ever since he left, Marcel's been onto me, trying to spill my beans. So has Louise. They've noticed that Niall doesn't come to me anymore, so they suspect something is up with me and him. We weren't even together, so why bother asking? Sometimes, these questions really bother me, so I just head up to my room and listen to love ballads and fall asleep.

I sit at the big tree for lunch with Marcel today, watching the people talk among their groups and other small things.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, jumping slightly at their sudden touch. I turn around and see someone I've never seen before. He had eyes that were yellow around the pupil and blue around the rest. They were really nice blue eyes... Like Niall's.

"Hi. Jack." he said, holding out a hand for me to shake. He had a funny accent, but I accepted and looked over to Marcel who was confused. I look over to Jack, and introduce him to Marcel. Marcel held out his hand and Jack gladly accepted. He came over to us and sat next to us, making this setting uncomfortable for Marcel and I.

"Do you two mind if I sit with you for a while? I'm new here and I don't really know where I'm going. I lost my buddy and I have no idea where he is now." he said. I continue eating my food and nod as he spoke.

"Where are you from?" Marcel asked.

"America." he stated.

"Cool. Big country and that's a long way from home. Why are you here, if your home's America." I asked not meaning to be rude.

"My parent's work shifted here. So, I had to tag along too." he replied. I nodded and stood up as the bell rang. "What class do you have now?"

"I have..." he took a while taking out his timetable and reading it. "Science. I have Science."

"Oh, you have it with me. Come and I'll show you the room." I said, waiting for him to stand up from his spot. "I'll see you later," I walk up to Marcel and hug him. "Can I come over tonight? Mum's at work til late." he asks, readjusting his glasses as he put his bag on his back.

"Sure. Sleep over of you want." I say, before waving at him and walking away with Jack to Science class.

"How long have you two been friends?" he asks as we walk up the stairs.

"Ever since I can remember. He's an amazing best friend." I say with pride. "I love having Marcel around. I don't know what I would do without him." I smile.

"I had a best friend back in America. Her name was Joanie. She was amazing too. I guess I have to start again."

"Don't worry, you'll have Marcel and I. We'll be there for you." I smile reassuringly as we enter class. I make my way to my seat in the back corner with Jack following me. "Mind if I sit here?"

"Uh, sure." I replied. He sat down on the stool and grabbed out his books as I grabbed mine. A substitute teacher walked in as the second bell rang, most of the students walking in behind her.

"Good afternoon class." she said as she set her stuff down on her desk. Niall was the last to come in with a girl named Kayla on his arm. As soon as he walked in, his eyes landed onto the boy next to me. I looked over at Jack and he was staring right back at him.

Niall kept his gaze on him as he and the blonde bimbo walked to the only seats left in the classroom, next to Jack and I. Niall made sure Kayla sat next to Jack, letting him sit further away from my new friend.

A few seconds after Niall sat down, Jack turned his attention back to the teacher who was talking about the earth.

"Do you know him?" I whispered as he pretended to listen by looking at the teacher.

"We're just... mutual friends."


Niall's POV.

Fuck, it's been two weeks. I can't stand it. Being away from her is like... I can't fucking explain it. Fuck. I'm sitting here in the courtyard with Zayn and Louis and their 'girls'. I have Tayla or whatever her name is, I really don't care right now. The bell rings and she wants to stay here and jig class.

"Awwee. Nialler, do we have to go to class? Why can't we just stay here? You know, we can do something so much better than listening to something we don't need in life." she said, seducing me. I really wanted to get back to class. I wanted to see Rosie. I can't tell her why I just left her. She's probably hurt. I miss her.

"Maybe later." I said as I got up and pulled her waist to my side. We walk to class and I see her sitting with a guy. I look at her, and she's looking right back. I then look to the guy next to her, he's staring at me. He's giving me this cold stare, like he doesn't want me around. I hold his stare as I walk to the only seats in the classroom, next to them.

I feel Tayla tugging on my arm to walk faster. Not breaking the stare, i walk towards the seats, making sure that I wasn't sitting next to him. As I sat down, he breaks the stare first and looked towards the front. I try to concentrate in class, but I can't seem to get this question out of my head. Why is she with him?

The class has finished and I told Tayla that I would see her later. I made sure that I was behind them, way behind, watching them closely. They were talking quietly, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Jack then slipped his hand around her waist. This made my blood boil. She doesn't even know this guy and he's all over her. I hold in my anger, trying not to let them know that I was watching. Pissed off, I head down the stairs, out the building and into my Mercedes. I slam my hand against the steering wheel, knowing that they had made me like this. I need to calm down, so I start the car and head to the gym.


Rosie's POV

Jack is nice. I don't know why Niall gave him the death stare. But what Jack said, about being 'mutual friends', did that mean that they knew each other? If they did, was it on bad terms? It pretty much looked like they did.

He walked me home today and it felt nice. He talked about how his family moved from America to Australia and how he was so hype on the plane and couldn't sleep. They have family here, but they live in other states. And the odd thing about this walk was that he kept his arm around my waist the whole time, ever since class had finished. It didn't feel right, so when I tried to pull away, he said he was only doing it for protection of walking home.

He walked me up to the door and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he said goodbye and left. It felt weird, but I shook that off as I entered the house. Louise was sleeping on the couch so I quietly went upstairs and headed to my room. I closed the door before changing my clothes into sweatpants and a white t-shirt that had a large paint splat of a peace sign on the front. I sighed before plopping face first on my bed. I turn over on my back and look at the ceiling.

"Today was weird." I whispered to myself.

A small knock on the window scared me half to death. I sat up so fast, my head went dizzy.It sounded like a rock had been thrown at the window, so I ran over to it, and couldn't believe who I saw.





quick update :D

i'm so happy that I wrote this faster. this is probably the fastest i've written in a while :D

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p.s. miley cyrus' new song, adore you - is really good, i love it :) x

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