My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


3. I have one question.


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I must've blacked out because I was lying down on what felt like a cold floor. I opened my eyes, to see that there was a circle of people around me. "Are you alright?" was the only question going around in the circle, with people looking at Marcel and I. The tecaher steps into the circle which breaks apart, and asked if we were okay. I nodded and helped myself up, holding out a hand to help Marcel. He gladly accepted and pulled himself up along with my help. We dusted ourselves off and fixed both our hair and glasses. Marcel's hair is combed back, so he kinda runs his hand through it to move it to the side. Me, I just tighten my ponytail and dusted of my jeans. I sit back in my seat and pushed my glasses back to the bridge of my nose.

The football team made their way into the classroom and made their way to their desks. Next to ours. They all gave me a cheesy smile and started talking among themselves. I turned back to the chalkboard, where the teacher was explaning on what happened in Chapter 7 of the book we're reading. I've already done this, like in grade 6. We're in our last year now, and we have to learn about this book again. Even though I am a nerd, I don't like re-learning things I've already learnt, but I still do pay attention.

The teacher tried to mark the roll of the class, while the whole class is being absolutely noisy. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw one of the football kids, I think his name was Zayn, stood behind me. "Hey, did you d-." he stopped mid-sentence, but started another one. "You know what? Just give me it." he said, holding out his hand. I was confused.

"S-sorry, give y-you what?" I stuttered. He started breathing harder, as mine became slightly shakier.

"What do you mean 'what?' I mean your homework!" he growled. I stared at him, as he stared back, glaring at me. The class was already in enough noise so the teacher couldn't hear our conversation.

"I-it was only to read chapter 7 of t-the...uhm b-book. Th-then you had to write a review. I a-a-already gave it." I stuttered. It seemed like he just calmed down. Like a tiny bit. He nodded his head and headed back to his seat. I turned back around in my seat and Marcel was quietly reading a book on facts. He always loved facts...or that's what he tells me. He turned to me and said, "Did you know, that there are more than twice as many Kangaroos in Australia?" he asked, pushing his glasses up. I shook my head. I live in Australia and I didn't know that. (A/N: just say that Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam all came and lived in Australia, it's where I live and its better for me to write :/, but they still have their accents!) He laughed and went back to reading his fact book. He turned back and asked if I knew another fact: "Did you know that by raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you can't sink in quicksand?" I shake my head again. "Nope, never heard of that. Plus, I've never been in quicksand. Who will be dumb enough to try that?" I asked. Marcel just chuckled and shook his head as he turned to his book again. I decided to tell him a fact too.

"Hey Marcel? Did you know that honey is the only fo-"

"Food that doesn't rot? Yeah, I know that." he said, scrunching his nose and nodding. He's like the King of Facts. I giggled and shook my head as I turned and read ahead of the book we were studying for English.

The bell rang, indicating that it's lunch time. I look up to see the teacher packing up his stuff as quickly as he could and raced out the door. I pack up my books and head out the door too. Marcel waved a quick goodbye because he had this chess and card club he signed up for, and it was the first class, so he had to attend.

I walk up to the cafeteria and see that it's tuna bake for lunch. I decided to buy my lunch and wait in line. As I wait, Niall and his friends chose to stand behind me. I hold my bag staps tigher as they came closer. "Hey there, beautiful." I hear someone whisper in my ear. I remember the voice, but I couldn't remember who it belonged to. I turned around to see that it was Niall. He had the smirk on his face. And by the smirk, I mean by the one he always gives me. I gave him a small smile back and turned to face the person in front of me. I heard him say something to his friends, and then the sound of them running out of the line and shouting later in the distance. I feel him come closer to me from behind. "You're not going to say 'hi' back?" he said softly in my ear. I turned around and said my hi and turned back. I realised that I was next in line.

"Hi, just a small tray of the tuna bake and a bottle of water, please?" I asked the canteen lady. She smiled at me and went and got my order. Not long after, she came back with a small tray of the soon-to-be-called-my tuna bake and a bottle of water. "That's $5, please?" she kindly asked. I gave her the exact amount, thanked her and walked away, as fast as I could away from Niall.

Since there was no tables left, I go outside and look for a tree to sit under. I spot one, right next to the building I have my classroom in next. I walk over and sit on the other side of it, so that people won't see me. It was nice to sit outside. I don't know why Marcel and I haven't been outside yet. It's beautiful. I look around, to see that everyone had friends. More than one. I'm not saying Marcel isn't good enough for an only friend. He is. Definately! The greatest friend someone could ever ever ask for! The sound of my tummy grumbling pulls me away from my thoughts. I look down at my tuna bake and it grumbles more. I lightly chuckle and open the small container and stick my fork in there. Putting the delcious food in my mouth felt amazing! I think the cook of this canteen should own a restaurant! I hear leaves crunching not far behind me and I freeze. What if it's Hayley? Is she going to throw my food away and drag me somewhere to torture me? Is she going to hurt me like she did this morning? What is she goi-

"You mind if I sit here?" I hear an Irish accent ring through my ears. Irish? I look up to see Niall standing with a container bigger than mine and his bag slung over his shoulder. Isn't he going to say something, like "Move!" so I have to scurry away like a little mouse?He didn't. He just quietly sat down next to me. Things that he could do to me were suddenly shot into my brain. I stood up fast.

"Uh, sorry, I g-gotta get to cla-"

"We have class in 25. Sit." he said, looking into my eyes. He had nice blue ones. Like the oce- Wait, Rosie! What am I doing?! No! Don't say that! I slowly pulled up my bag, but not fast enough because he yanked it back down. "Sit." he repeated, sternly. I was scared to sit. But if he had to repeat it again, he would probably be angry. I didn't want to get someone who bullied me angry. They would just cause more trouble and torture for me. I sat down and slowly opened my container again. He was looking at me, and it felt awkward. I looked at him and he smiled. Like a real one, not a smirk this time. I lightly smiled and looked back at my food. I took my fork out and started eating.

After about 50 seconds of eating, I noticed that Niall was staring at me. My cheeks started to heat up. I looked over at him and whispered, "Aren't you going to eat? Not being rude, but...uhm, you staring at me makes me feel uncomfortable."

Niall looked shocked at my statement, and mumbled a 'Yeah, sorry.' before he started eating his food. He would look over at me, every once and a while. And I would be just looking straight ahead of me, looking at the different people playing football. (A/N: and by football, i mean soccer. i know, weird combinations with me :/) It felt weird sitting here, with my bully's boyfriend. But it was quite nice sitting in a different place with someone else.

As the bell rang, I shot up again, packing up my bag quickly. Niall was still sitting down but he grabbed my arm before I left. "I'll see you in class." he said, before winking. I mumbled a 'See ya' and walked off, heading towards the building.

Marcel wasn't in my Science class. But Niall was. And what was up with him today? It was weird how he was so close to me. Some of the times today, I felt unsafe. Why hadn't he said anything hurtful to me? Why? Not that I wanted him to, but I was used to it. I was waiting for it, but it didn't come.

I made it to the classroom, and some people made it earlier than I did. No sign of Niall though. I walk in, taking my seat in the back corner. I've always liked back corners. They make me They keep my comfy. The classroom looked like an ordinary science lab. High desks, stools to sit on, sinks you would have to work beside and sometimes have the water splash on you. That would happen. Or someone would just come around to your desk and turn the tap on high, making the water go everywhere. I hated that. I wonder how they're going to get through college the next year or so.

I get my books out and read ahead on the chapters. I'm always reading ahead on the chapters. People ask me why I'm so smart. I tell them that I revise and actually do the homework. They get angry and I'm always the one end up getting hurt.

The teacher walks in. She's always wearing so much blue eyeshadow. (A/N: familiar? ;)) Sometimes it would just blind me. She's quite tall, very skinny and thinks that the ticking sound of a clock is a mouse, so we don't have a clock in the lab. And people say I'm weird.

Some more of the students that attend my class show up, including Niall. He had his arm around a girl I use to go to primary school with. She wears so much make up. Ugh, she's such a cake face! Oh, sorry. Well, she is! She looks like 6yearolds have been drawing on her, maybe even younger! Bright red lipstick, black eyeliner all over her eyes, foundation on top of all the pimples she has to cover up. She don't look pretty. She bullies me too. Everyone does, haven't you noticed? I look down at the book and start reading on The Big Bang. They say that The Big Bang started everything, including life. I don't believe that. Only idiots do.

As I read, a shadow casts over me. Wondering who this shadow belonged to, I look up. Niall.

"Hey." said, taking his seat in front of me. I give him a small smile and look down at my book again.

I have one question...



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