My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


23. Feelings

I've had major writers block for this story, and kills me :( anyways, I thought of this right now, while doing math homework, and I hope you like this. You guys might hate me at the end of this chapter tho. just sayin. :D


Niall's POV.

I don't know what came over me. The question just came out, not having a proper think about this. May as well just ask her now, since I kinda have feelings for her.

She was just staring at me like I was something unknown to her. I was getting hot under the collar and I didn't feel comfortable. Feeling the need for air, I get up off her and walk out to the back, feeling embarrassed.


Rosie's POV

... I was speechless. Niall had just asked my to be his girlfriend. It's just that I didn't know him that well. He walked off heading to the back, I think. I also didn't know what to do.

Breaking my thoughts was the front door shutting close.Thinking that Niall had walked out, I race to the front door, only to see Louise standing there with shopping bags in her hands.

"You scared the shit outta me, Rosie. Help me with the bags please." She said, handing me a few of her shopping before walking to kitchen to set them down.

"Sorry, thought you were Niall." I said, opening the first bag I put on the bench and packed the contents into the cupboard.

"Why would I be Niall? Did something happen?" she asked, worry present in her tone.

"No." I sighed.

"Something happened. Spill."

"I can't. I don't wanna talk about it now." I said, packing away the groceries in silence.

As I put away the last part of the grocery shopping, I hear a car start up and leave. I look out the window and see that Niall's car isn't there. What? Did I do something wrong? I think I did, not answering his question in time.

I quickly grab my phone from my bag and search for Niall's number. I find it and press his name, putting it to my ear and waiting for him to pick up.

I ran up to my bedroom, locking the door behind me. After 5 rings, the dial tone is still there. I hang up and press his name again. I wait for 5 rings and again no answer.

"Come on, Niall, freakin' pick up." I mumbled as I again press his name and put the phone to my ear. I feel my eyes get hot, as tears start to well up, threatening to fall. I wiped them away hastily and sat on my bed.

I sniffle and give him one more ring. When the dial tone ended my heart stopped, and it sounded like someone picked up the phone. But my heart sank when it was his voicemail that sounded through the receiver. I hung up and threw my phone at the end of the bed, and laid down flat on my stomach, with my arms hugging my pillow. My tears start falling and they won't stop. I've never felt like this towards someone before. I bet this was his plan all along, to gather all my feelings up for him and then one day, he'll just leave. We weren't even together, and I think that was worse. I was attached to someone who probably wouldn't even care about the next or previous girl. Something feels broken. Is it my heart?





please tell me this makes sense. does it? people who havent comment, please tell me what you think, please :D

and sorry it's short, havent had that much time to write :( but school is finishing in a week and a half so that's cool ! and a massive THANKYOU for the 64 favourites and 46 likes, (lol, number swap) and 1084 VIEWS ! THATS SO COOOLLL ! &&& THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU !

I'll start writing the next chapter tonight. I'm such a slow updater, I'm sorry. I'M SO SORRY ! i'll take hate now... love you guys <3

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