My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


27. 25

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"Yeah, hi!" he said cheerfully.

"Erm, what are you doing here? I mean you just dropped me off."

"Yeah, I uh, I know. My parents are out on a date tonight and I was wondering if you wanted... you know... wanted to hang out?"

"Really? You wanna hang out?"

"Yeah, so we could get to know each other a bit more."

"Oh, okay then. Let me go and get my shoes and jacket and I'll be out soon." I closed my window and grabbed my denim jacket and slipped on my ballet shoes and before leaving a note for my aunt and heading out the door to be greeted by one of Jack's hugs.

"Hey you wanna walk?" he smiled when we pulled away.

"Sure. Where'd you wanna go?" I replied.

"The park at the end of your street's fine. I just saw it before dropping you off." he says before slipping an arm across my back to pull me closer. I got that feeling again. You know, the feeling of when someone's touch doesn't give you a good feeling. I shrugged that feeling off and continued to walk with Jack to the park.

We made it there within seven minutes and just walked around the pond that consisted of mother gooses and smaller ducks.

"So, what's your favourite colour?" Jack asked.

"Blue." I answer almost immediately. He chuckled and told me that we would take turns asking question while walking around, to get to know each other, like he said before.

"So... erm...Do you have any hobbies?"

"I like football and soccer and all those other sport games. Music is also a liking in my life. What's your favourite song?"

"My favourite song would be... Say Something by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World. I like.. it's like I love it because Christina's voice is so beautiful and it goes well with you know, the guy's voice and... yeah, I like it, no wait, I love it." I rambled.

I looked up at Jack and he seemed suprised at how I talked so much on just a favourite song. "What's your favourite band?" I continued.

"Black Eyed Peas."

"They're cool. I remember liking them when I was younger. My dad and I used to always sing-along to their songs whenever they were being played on the radio." I giggled.

"Oh cool, do you still do that with your dad?" he asked.

I lowered my head at the memories of my father and I.


"Come on dad, please? Just one more song?!" I pleaded, my father sitting on the couch with the television remote in his hand, waiting for me to move out of the way so he could turn on the tv.

"No, sweet pea, Daddy's tired." my father said, but me being the stubborn child I was, decided to stand in front of the tv and blocked the sensor that was for the remote, so he couldn't actually turn on the tv. My father, just chuckled at how childish I was, only at the age of 10. Well, of course I would be childish, I am still a child.

He sighed deeply, shaking his head in defeat. "Okay, Rosie,

one more song, okay?"

"YAAAAAAYYYYYY!! I'll go pick a song!." I say with excitement. I head to one of the cd players and put a Black Eyed Peas cd in, and played the song 'Where is the Love' featuring Justin Timberlake.

"Yeah, this is my jam!" I giggled as my father and I mimed the words to our most favourite song in the whole widedest world.

*flashback ended*

Tears springing to my eyes quite quickly. I shook my head, "No." I whispered. "He's um... He died." I whispered. I tilted my head up at the sky and breathed in deeply, trying not to let me tears fall.

"Shit." I heard him whisper. "I'm so sorry." his left arm came over my shoulders and pulled me close to him. My head dropped and a few tears escaped, but I smiled, knowing that it's okay to miss my parents. And also that he was here comforting me.

We stayed quiet for the rest of the walk before walking back to my house. We asked a few more questions about each other. He asked about my hobbies, and I told him that I like listening to music and reading books. I also told him I was a fan of Justin Bieber and his music, though I missed his hair flick he had a few years ago.

"Hey, how was your day?"

"Geez, Louise!" I yelped as she jumped from the living room.

She laughed at the expression I used on her, then came over to hug me. I gladly hugged her back.

"Today was good, met a new kid and he just wanted to walk around the park, you know, to get to know each other."

"Oh. What happned to that other kid? Neil? Or...?"

"Niall. I ...don't know actually. He just kinda... stopped talking to me." Someone cleared their throat from the loungeroom, obviously loud enough for both of us to hear. I looked over to the living room and saw a man, around the age of my aunt. My face broke out into a smile. "Who's this?"

"Erm, my boyfriend, Tom." Tom just smiled at me. They must've been watching a movie before I walked in. Oops...

"It's nice to meet you, Tom. I probably should head upstairs since I think you two were watching a movie. See ya guys" I said before giving them a small smile and heading upstairs to my room.

As soon as I got in, I noticed the window was open. I was pretty sure I closed it. I walked over to it, and closed it as my lamp light switched on.

"What the..." I was scared shitless.

"Ssshhhh" the voice soothed quietly as they wrapped their arms around the back of my waist. My heart skips a beat, and suddenly beats faster as I instantly knew who that voice belonged to.

I turned around in his embrace and hugged his torso, quite tightly I might add.

I missed him, his smell, his voice, his presence. I missed Niall.

He leant down while his lips hovered over the shell of my ear. "Sorry to scare you babe" As soon as I looked up to him, he smashed his lips against mine. His kiss was soft. I didn't know what to do , so I just followed his lead, carefully moving my lips against his, keeping my teeth away, as what I've heard in movies.

Our lips keep moving slowly for the next couple of minutes before I pulled away for air. I felt my cheeks reddened from embarrassment, so I kept my head low. But my lips, it still felt like Niall's were still on mine. I tried to keep my face straight, but it would still bounce back to a smile somehow.

"I missed you" I whispered against his chest. His chin rested on the top of my head as he let out a small sigh. "I missed you more. Plus there's no need to be embarrassed." he chuckled before kissing the top of my head.

"Come on, let's get some sleep. I'll sleep with you tonight." he said before moving us over to my bed. I nodded before saying, "Yeah, just let me get changed first." I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of shorts and singlet, before walking to bathroom getting changed. I came back out and slipped into the bed with Niall who was already in. I turned off the lamp and moved over next to Niall, moving as close to him as possible.

Wrapping his arms around my waist, Niall pulled my closer, if that was even possible.

"Goodnight, baby." he whispered, as my tiredness slowly took over me. His voice when it whispers makes me smile, but the smile doesn't leave when I slowly drift off the sleep.

"I love you my baby girl." his voice says which sounded like he was talking more to himself than to me. My heart flattered at that.



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