on tour with one direction

Hi ! I'm Brittany , Niall Horans 17 year old sister ! nobody really knows about me because im really shy and nobody has really bothered to find out about me. my whole life changed when my brother decided to take me on tour with him.


7. uh oh

brittanys pov


I woke up in a small black room with a spotlight on me. I tried to stand but I was tied to a chair.

'hello, Brittany.'  I heard, I didn't say anything, I saw a figure coming towards me and I squinted and realized. it was the girl that threatened me.

'what do you want ? me and harry broke up !' I said to her.

'I already know that and that's not what I want.' she said . I looked confused. 'leave the boys.' she said

'what?' I asked.

'you heard me. you must leave them and never come back. do you hear me ??' she asked. I nodded and she untied me. I ran home and saw that the boys were home. crap ! I walked in and the wind blew the door shut. great... the boys turned around.

'BRITTANY !' Louis yelled. they all got up and ran to me. except for niall. he was to busy sucking sophies face off. before they could get to me, I ran up the stairs and locked myself in my room and started packing. I heard tons of knocking and hear niall and sophie.

'niall, forget about her. lets go to your bedroom.; she said. ugh ! shes such a slut !

'sophie ! theres something wrong with my sis and you don't even care ?' he asked.

'NIALL ! SHES JUST TRYING TO GET ATTENTION ! CANT YOU SEE THAT ? IF NOT, THEN YOU'RE BLIND ! SHES JUST AN ATTENTION WHORE ! LET HER GO !' she yelled . by this time, I was quietly sobbing. trying not to be loud. I heard them go into nialls bedroom. great. I heard the boys still knocking. I was sitting in the corner behind my desk.

'the key !' I heard Louis yell. crap !! they came in and kept looking. I was still crying but trying to be quiet ! I must have made a noise because Louis found me. he lifted me bridal style and put me on the bad in his lap. they all came to me and were conforting me. I couldn't stop crying. they must have thought I was asleep, even though I almost was,  but they were talking.

'lou, do you still like her ?' I heard zayn ask.. wait, what ?

'yea. I do. I don't know how to tell her.' I heard lou say. now that I think about it, I did have feelings for him.

'well, im going to bed.' liam said and they all got up except for lou.

'yall go ahead, ill be there in a minute.' lou said, I heard the rest of them go out. lou started singing little things as he was tucking me in bed. as he was leaving, I grabbed his arm.

'lou, don't leave me. stay here ! ' I said , scooting over in my bed. Louis smiled and got in bed with me. he wrapped his arms around me and i fell asleep on his chest.


---authors note---


hey guys ! how do yall like this so far ? i really want to know ! any suggestions ?? :)


mkay . bai ! :)

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