on tour with one direction

Hi ! I'm Brittany , Niall Horans 17 year old sister ! nobody really knows about me because im really shy and nobody has really bothered to find out about me. my whole life changed when my brother decided to take me on tour with him.


2. Movie Night

Brittanys Pov.


I ran upstairs to get my pajamas on. I got my cookie monster pajama pants and a mickey mouse t-shirt and put them on and slipped on my polka dot boot slippers. I went in my bathroom and got a wash cloth and wet it and got all my makeup off.  I also brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I heard a knock on my door and ran to answer it. it was niall.

'hey bro !' I told him.

'hey sis ! the boys wanna watch a scary movie and I wanted to make sure you were okay with that. I told the boys you get scared easily and they understood and I said id ask you. they said that if one person sat on each side of you, you probably wont be as scared.' niall explained

'niall, its fine ! we can watch it ! which movie ?' I asked

'I don't know. they were looking on Netflix when I came up here. are you ready ?' he asked

'almost. ill be down in a minute.' I told him. he nodded and went downstairs.

I looked in the mirror one last time and threw my clothes from earlier in my hamper and threw my washrag in their too. I didn't like being in front of people without makeup on. especially people I just met. so I put on some really light makeup that I have that wont harm your skin if you sleep with it on. it looked natural. I looked in the mirror again and smiled and nodded at myself. I opened the door and went downstairs.

'does anyone want popcorn ?' I asked

'they all were staring at me. oh no. did I have something on my shirt? did I have something on my face ? I looked down and wiped my face.

'no Brittany. theres nothing on your face ! its just.' liam said.

'what ?" I asked.

'you actually talked ! loud !' Louis cheered. I laughed and went to the kitchen . I still heard all the boys laughing. i put the popcorn in the microwave and stood in the doorway to the kitchen.

'anyone want drinks ?' i asked.

'Pepsi' they all said at the same time. wow. i nodded and went into the kitchen and got 4 cans and an Arizona sweet tea can for me. i brought the drinks and heard the microwave beep. i took the popcorn out and poured it into a bowl and walked out into the living room.

'what movie are we watching ?' i asked while sitting down.

'mama' niall said smiling.

i looked worried and i think they noticed because niall and harry came and sat beside me.


it was the middle of the movie and it was really starting to get scary. it came to the scariest part of the movie, well at least in my opinion, and i jumped and grabbed on to somebodys and put my head in his arm. the boys told me when the scary part was over and i looked up and not knowing it was harry, i apologized.

'im sorry harry ! i thought you were niall !' i said. i was probably as red as a tomato. the boys were giggling. i couldn't blame them though ! i got up and ran to my room and locked the door and took the key so they couldn't get in. i heard footsteps-a lot of footsteps- and i layed on my bed. crying. i don't know why ! i was just so embarrassed !

'Brittany ! open up !' i heard Niall yell.

'no ! go finish the movie. im too scared anyway ! and im serious ! im just scared . that's it.' i yelled back.

'are you sure ?' i heard liam say.

'yes' i yelled back. i heard them walk down the stairs and i turned on my tv and sat under my covers and ended up falling asleep.


--------later that night--------


i woke up. sweating, and breathing heavy. i turned on my lamp and realized i just had a nightmare.i looked at my clock and it was 3:00 am exact ! i tried getting back to sleep but i couldn't ! i decided to go to niall and see if he would let me sleep with him tonight. i walked in and he must have heard me because he woke up.

'hey lil' sis. whats wrong ?' he asked

'i had a nightmare. and i cant get back to sleep.'

'come here' he said while scooting over. whenever i had a nightmare, i would come to him. he would let me stay with him whenever i had a nightmare. which was a lot.

i got in bed and after about 30 min, i finally got to sleep.


-----next morning----


i woke up and niall was gone. i didn't worry though, i figured that he would be downstairs with the boys. i got up and put my slippers on and walked downstairs to find harry watching tv.

'morning !' he said. i didn't think he noticed me . but he did. i looked at him and smiled.

'wheres niall?' i asked him.

'he went out with the boys to get mcdonalds. he said for me to stay so you wouldn't  freak out.' he replied.

'oh. ok' i said back.

i went upstairs and took a shower. then i put on a mike wazowski tank top and white shorts. i straightened my hair and put my makeup on. when i walked back into my room, i saw someone sitting on my bed. i froze.

'hello. Brittany.' the voice said. she sounded like she was 16.

i didn't say anything.

'i know you like harry, and that harry likes you. but you need to step off. or you, will get it.'

'get what ?' i asked quietly

'you'll see' she replied and left out the window. im guessing that's how she came in. still freaked out, i went downstairs. harry walked up to me.

'nice shirt' he said

'thanks' i said quietly while backing up.

he looked confused and took a step closer. so we were the same distance as before. i backed up again and he took a step. i couldn't take it. i ran to the door. right when i was at the door, niall and the other boys came back. i ran past them and kept running. but i heard niall yell 'what did you do?' to harry. i kept running until i couldn't run no more. i stopped at a park and sat on the swing. i just didn't want to get hurt. or harry getting hurt. i was the only one who new about this park. i sat on a swing and just started thinking. then i heard people running on the sidewalk calling my name. i stayed silent. i didn't want to go home.. yet. i could see them. but they couldn't see me. i looked at niall. was he, crying ? ugh ! i hate seeing him cry ! of course, he had to fall on his knees with his head in his hands crying, and he was right in front of me. ughhhh ! i walked out there and kneeled down to him. he looked up.

'BRITTANY!!' he yelled. he grabbed me and hugged me. crying into my shoulder.

'niall. im sorry. i don't like seeing u cry ! please stop !'

he looked at me with his puffy eyes. i couldn't stand it ! i broke down in tears. i was a mess today !

'Niall, can we go home? ill explain why i ran away.'

he nodded and we went home. everyone was happy again. Louis was making jokes and we got on each others backs. i was on nialls, zany was on liams, and Louis jumped onto harrys before harry was ready so he almost fell. when we got back to the house, we all sat down and ate our mcdonalds and i explained how i saw that girl in my room. they all told me that they wouldn't let anything happen to me. gosh i loved those boys ! we had a lazy day and we all got into are pajamas again and watched movies all day. they even preformed a mini concert for me ! but they weren't serious. as usual. today was a good day.

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