on tour with one direction

Hi ! I'm Brittany , Niall Horans 17 year old sister ! nobody really knows about me because im really shy and nobody has really bothered to find out about me. my whole life changed when my brother decided to take me on tour with him.


1. the news

Brittanys Pov.


I was sitting on my bed watching paranormal activity 3. I usually don't watch scary movies alone so I brought my dog into the room. he left when I jumped at a scary part and grabbed him. so, I was alone.

'BOO' someone yelled and pulled me off the bed. I thought I was home alone so I started screaming.

'AAAAAHHHH ! LET ME GO !' I yelled.

'NEVER' Said that familiar irish voice.


'NIALL ! don't scare me like that ! you know I get scared easily !' I said to him

'that's why I did it' he smirked

he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed and laughed at the same time. he threw me onto the couch and sat on the coffee table in front of me.

'Brittany! I have some news for my baby sister!'

'well , apparently a simple phone call wouldn't work' I said back

'Brittany, you are going to love me forever ! all the boys are allowed to bring one person on tour and.'

'and what ? niall ! tell me !!!' I yelled at him.

'your coming with me !! so. go pack. we leave tomorrow morning at 9. so get some rest ! niall told me.

'OMG ! niall ! your the best ! ill go pack !' I yelled as I hugged him. ive never actually met the other boys, and I was a HUGE fan ! so I was SUPER excited !

I went upstairs and packed. I was thinking about telling my best friend, Kaiyah. but 2 problems.

1: she has a 1D blog and blogs about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING she hears about 1D.

2: I don't want her to be mad at me for leaving her.

I continued packing when I heard niall call me from downstairs. I ran downstairs and asked him what he needed.

'baby sis, theres a few people I want u to meet' he pointed to the living room (we were in the kitchen) and I walked in there behind him.

'Britt, meet Louis, Liam, Zayn , and last but not least, Harry !'

I froze. I was really shy and always choked when I talked to new people. harry was the first to step up and talk.

'hello love. im Harry. and you are ?' he asked me with his beautiful smile.i froze. I always had a thing for harry, but never told niall. I still haven't said anything.

'Britt? Are you ok ?' Niall asked me worried. he forgot that I was shy. he was always the outgoing one in the family. I was always the shadow. he still loved me though.

I ran past niall and upstairs and ran into my room and locked the door behind me. I heard footsteps behind me. it was probably niall.

'Britt? what happened? are you alright? let me in!' niall yelled. I didn't say anything. I just curled up into a ball on my bed and didn't say anything. then it hit me. crap ! there are keys to the locks hidden under flaps of carpet near the doors ! I heard him unlock the door and he ran in. he ran over to me and kept apologizing.

'niall ! you don't need to apologize ! im just really shy and ... freaked out. its not your fault.' I said to him. he let go of me .

'wanna try again ?' he asked me. I nodded and told him i'd be downstairs in 5 min. he nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.



Nialls Pov. (this pov will be short because the storys mostly gonna be in brittanys pov)


I went back downstairs and apologized to the boys.

'sorry guys. shes just really shy.' I told the boys.

'its fine. but with u being so outgoing , we weren't expecting her to be so shy' said Louis.

'shes not as shy once you get to know her tho ! she said she would be down in 5 min.' I told them.

'niall, can I talk to you real quick ?' harry asked. I was kind of confused , but I nodded and we went to the kitchen . I think I knew what he wanted.

'niall-'   'you think Brittanys cute and you want to ask her out once you get to know her and she gets to know u.' I interrupted him.

'yeah... and I wanted to get your permission first !' harry told me.

'harry ! lad ! its fine ! but let me tell you one thing. if you hurt her, I hurt you .' I told him.

'thanks niall ! and I would never do anything to hurt her !'

'well harry, your in luck. I happen to know that she fancies you ! and thank you for asking me first. that's a great thing you did.' I replied

'really? she likes me ? wow ! thanks niall ! and I knew it would be the right thing to do.


Brittanys POV.

I was about to go downstairs when I looked in the mirror. ugh ! my hair was a mess and I didn't have any makeup on ! I went and put some natural looking makeup on and brushed my hair. I ran downstairs to find all the boys looking at me. I froze at the and of the stairs and I feel someone pick me up .

'woah !' I said and looked and saw niall carrying me like a baby over to the couch. he sat down and put me on his lap.

'Brittany . this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry.' niall said pointing to each boy individually.

'hi' I said really quiet while looking down at my lap.

'hello love' Louis said while getting up and kneeling down so he could see my face. he smiled, making me smile. I looked up at his face.

'its ok love. you can be yourself around us. we wont judge you.' he said in his soothing voice.

was he reading my mind ? that's exactly what I was worried about ! them not liking me !

'thanks' I said a little louder than last time. I looked at all the boys and they were smiling.

just then , nialls phone started ringing. I got up off his lap and let him get up.

'be right back. Brittany, u stay here !' he told me. I nodded and he ran to the kitchen to pick up his phone. I just sat there, looking down and playing with my hands. Louis went back to his seat next to liam. we had 3 couched in an unfinished square shape. then , there was a wall with a 60 inch tv. hanging on the wall. and a coffee table right in the center.

'so love, do u play any sports?' Liam asked me.

'I play soccer and I do competitive cheerleading and middle school cheerleading.' I said, loud enough for them to hear. I looked up and they all looked impressed. I don't know why though. im just a normal person. niall came back in and sat beside me on the couch.

'well guys, im glad yall brought your luggage ! yall are staying here for a month ! the tour got held back for some reason.'


everyone laughed as Louis hopped on the couch and was doing a weird happy dance.

'what do we do now? ' Zayn asked.

"movie night ?' Niall suggested we all nodded and I went up to change into my pajamas.

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