16 year old Cadie Parker is taken threw a tramatizing event, nobody should ever have to watch the one she loves gun down infront of them, nobody should have to live that fear, but she does. Face to face with her mothers killer, she is lucky, the ambulance gets there before he has the chance to finish her off. But he definetly wasn't done with her, not even close. She Is sent away, in witness protect, and is stuck living in a house with five trained operatives assigned to keep her safe, but even though she is tough, and rough around the edges, does she let one fall threw the cracks? Faced with all these decisions time is running out for her.


5. Weeks Later

Weeks had gone by, and I had never felt so alone in my life. I missed home, I missed everything about it. I missed my bestfriend Morgan, and I miss my family, I wanted to see my mother more then anything, and I couldn't.. well not until they catch this guy. I only talked to one of the boys really, and that was zany.. we barely talk.

I heard a knock at my bedroom door, and I sat up quickly.

"Come in"

It was Niall, I hadn't really got to talk to him yet, I shut everyone out except for Zayn.

"Hey!" He said with a cute smile across his face. He grabbed the back of his neck, and his cheeks were going red.

"If you are up for it, I was wondering if you wanted to go get something to eat? You don't have..." I cut him off "Sure, sounds good"

He smiled, "I will meet you down stairs?" I asked him

"Yeha for sure!"

I quickly threw on a sweater, and a pair of short shorts. I put my hair up in a messy bun, and headed down stairs. Niall was waiting at the door for me.

'Are the other boys waiting outside?"

"Actually.. they are all gone out somewhere, It is just me, and you for today." He said smiling.

"Oh okay"

I said giving him a little half smile back.

We drove their, and we had the music on the whole time, he was actually really cute, and he sang to the radio the whole way there.

When we got there, he came and opened my door.

"Niall, I am starting to think this is a date?"

He giggled a little bit, "Well is it okay if it is?" He asked me smirking at me as I got out of the car.

"Maybe" I said smirking back at him.

"Woah, Niall this place is really expensive, we can go somewhere else."

"No silly, it's my treat! You deserve to have some fun after everything that happened"

I followed him into the restaurant, and we sat at a private table. It wasn't really busy in there, maybe only 6 other people in there while we were.

We ordered our food, and he started to talk.

"So.. are you a fan of One Direction?"

"A little" I said giggling at him

His accent was sooo cute, I loved listening to him talk. I was good there because he wouldn't shut up the whole time we ate.

"I am sorry Caty, I  know I am talking a lot! You can tell me to shut up."

I smiled, "No its fine Niall"

He was so cute, al together

"I get really nervous around cute girls"

"Oh so I am cute?"

"No..." He said with a straight face

"Caty your stunning"

He made me blush something I hadn't done in a long time.

"I have been waiting to see that beautiful smile since you got here"


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