16 year old Cadie Parker is taken threw a tramatizing event, nobody should ever have to watch the one she loves gun down infront of them, nobody should have to live that fear, but she does. Face to face with her mothers killer, she is lucky, the ambulance gets there before he has the chance to finish her off. But he definetly wasn't done with her, not even close. She Is sent away, in witness protect, and is stuck living in a house with five trained operatives assigned to keep her safe, but even though she is tough, and rough around the edges, does she let one fall threw the cracks? Faced with all these decisions time is running out for her.


12. Niall <3

There was nothing else that I want, I want Niall, and he makes everything better. Honestly I probably would have done the same if I was in his situation. He stayed with me all night until the doctors told me I could leave. He carried me out of the car, and to the couch. He  curled up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my stomach.

"Don't leave me" He whispered in my ear, "I don't know what I would do without you Cadie"

I smiled, "Niall I don't want to leave, but you know sometime soon I will have to when they catch this guy"

I heard him groan, and it wasn't a happy one, "Please you can stay here with me, and the boys.. its not like we don't all get along."

"Niall, I need to go home, and see my family, and all of my friends, I miss them more then anything"

I felt his arms let go of me, and I turned to him.

"Baby, I don't want you to leave me, I need you more then anything right now" I paused, I didn't know what to say I was torn, I fell for Niall, I fell for him on our first date when he kissed my cheek, and I fell hard. I was busy thinking, when he kissed me cheek, "I love you" Those three words just echoed in my head over, and over again, part of me, was ecstatic, and the other part of me was sad. I knew I cared about him a lot but if I loved him it would be even harder to leave him when I had to.

"I love you to Niall" I saw his face light up, and there was that cute smile that I loved to see. He was so gorgeous, I don't get why he picked me. All of the girls in the world would die for a chance to be with him, and I ended up with him? I never seen this coming, but I am happy that it is happening.

He got up, and turned on the radio, his song "best song ever" came on the radio, and he started his dance to it. He was showing off, when all of the boys walked in. Harry gave a big grin with the othe boys, and they jumped in with him. They were all dancing now, and some of them even singing.

Then they pulled Niall's pants down, he looked down shrugged, and kept on dancing.

"Mate we have a concert tomorrow don't forget?"

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