16 year old Cadie Parker is taken threw a tramatizing event, nobody should ever have to watch the one she loves gun down infront of them, nobody should have to live that fear, but she does. Face to face with her mothers killer, she is lucky, the ambulance gets there before he has the chance to finish her off. But he definetly wasn't done with her, not even close. She Is sent away, in witness protect, and is stuck living in a house with five trained operatives assigned to keep her safe, but even though she is tough, and rough around the edges, does she let one fall threw the cracks? Faced with all these decisions time is running out for her.


4. Meeting

They all went down the table introducing themselves even though I knew who they all were already, I am pretty sure, every teenage girl knew their age.

I wasn't in the mood for all of this right now.

"You don't look like you can protect yourself one bit. You are so tiny! Harry said

He walked up to me, and got up in my face, "What you gonna do about it? Huh?" He smiled, and looked back at the guys. I grabbed his arm, and with one motion in my arm I flipped him back over staright on the ground flat on his back.

He coughed a bit, and I could hear all of the boys laughing at him. "That wasn't fair I wasn't ready.!" He protested in a pouty face, but I had already gone, and taken a spot at the table before he could get up.

I had an apple, and sat there well all of the guys talked about pointless things, that I could really not care less about.

"Okay, well I have to go shopping"

"But you can't go by yourself, its orders." Liam said

"Fine. Then one of you come with me.."

Harry put his arm up, and volunteered him self

"Anyone else"

Zayn got up, and started to walk over to the door with me, "I will go"

I wave of relief came over me, and I quickly put on a pair of shoes, and was out the door as quickly as I could be.

I put my hair up in a bun while Zayn was driving. The whole car ride was awkward, and silent. When we got their I turned to him, "Thanks for not making me go with Harry."

He chuckled a little bit, "No problem, he was probably going to try, and hit on you anyways"

"But if you don't mind me asking, why exactly are you here?"

My heart stopped, and I took a deep breath, I was trying so hard to keep my mind off of this topic.


"You don't have to tell me if you aren't comfortable with it.."

"No its fine, well, my mother was shot, and I seen the guy who did it, they want me to testify against him when they catch him, but apparently he is after me, idk everything is so messed up."

I felt my throat choke on the last work, and I knew I was going to start crying, I could feel the first ear starting to form, when he grabbed my hand.

"Caty, I promise, me and the boys will not let anything happen to you, I know its scary, but you are safe here with us."

I smiled, and looked up at him, "Well atleast I know that one of them isn't a complete ass" is all I thought.

"Thanks Zayn"

"If you ever want to talk Caty, I am here to listen"

He squeezed my hand.

Well its nice to know that atleast I have someone actually here for me right now. I wasn't completely alone  in this huge mess that is my life.

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