16 year old Cadie Parker is taken threw a tramatizing event, nobody should ever have to watch the one she loves gun down infront of them, nobody should have to live that fear, but she does. Face to face with her mothers killer, she is lucky, the ambulance gets there before he has the chance to finish her off. But he definetly wasn't done with her, not even close. She Is sent away, in witness protect, and is stuck living in a house with five trained operatives assigned to keep her safe, but even though she is tough, and rough around the edges, does she let one fall threw the cracks? Faced with all these decisions time is running out for her.


2. Hospital

The ambulance arrived, and took my mom off of me. I tried to stay with her but another paramedic grabbed me, and put me to the side. He tried to ask me if I was okay, but I didn't answer. " I want to see my mother!" I yelled at him, he sighed, and said "Well we have to take her in, she seemed to hit her head pretty hard." He loaded me into the stretcher beside my mom, and I grabbed her hand the first chance that I got.

I sat there blankly, just holding her hand. I locked out everything, and everyone, I could only see, I could see the paramedics trying to work on my mom, but she still wasn't moving, or breathing. Tears started to pour down my face, like the blood from my mom's head. My hands were soaked with blood, and so were all my clothes. My head had some dried blood on it, and my hair was coated thickly with blood that has dried, and clogged up. I looked like a mess.

When we got to the hospital, everything was a blurr, and went by so fast. I just let the paramedics parade me around wherever they wanted. I felt empty, like I couldn't control my own actions anymore. We got into the hospital, and the paramedics started to wheel my mom away from me. "Stop!, I wanna stay with her I said as I broke free from one of their grips. I started running after her, but another grabbed me from the side, and picked me up.

I clawed, and scratched, kicked, and hit him, but he wouldn't let me go, I was screaming, and crying all at the same time. People must of thought I was crazy or demented or something. My mom disappeared into a room, and she was gone. The guy slowly put me down, and I turned to him ready to yell at him. He surprised me, he wasn't a doctor or a nurse, he looked all fancy, he looked more superior.

Caty Parker, you are going to have to come with me right now. I refused, but that didn't really stop him anyways. He grabbed my arm and paraded me around the hospital like everyone else had.He put me in a room by myself, and left.

"I want to see my family!" I demanded while I was sitting in the room, until he walked in again.

"Caty Parker, you have witnessed a hit, and run on a man that we believe to be involved in a string of murders around the city, and you have seen his face. You are in danger, and there for we will be relocating you until he can be caught. Then we expect you to stand trial, and testify against him. You father, and your sister will be okay, and your mother is in stable condition right now."

I stopped, and tried to take everything he just said in, "so this man is after me now?"

"We believe so, because even if we catch him, you will be the one to testify against him, you are the only person to see his face, and live."

I couldn't believe how he was saying this all, he said it with no feeling, he said it like he didn't care at all. He had no emotion or tone in his voice, he said it like it wasn't a big deal my mother could still die or that my life was in danger, and that made me so angry.

We need to leave right now, there is a private jet waiting at the air port to take you to your new location.

"Stop, I don't want to go I want to stay here with my family!" I protested to him.

"Caty you really don't have a choice in this, I have another agent notifying your father right now, and he is okay with it. You have to come with me I am sorry to do this to you in such a hard time, but like I said you really don't have a choice.


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