16 year old Cadie Parker is taken threw a tramatizing event, nobody should ever have to watch the one she loves gun down infront of them, nobody should have to live that fear, but she does. Face to face with her mothers killer, she is lucky, the ambulance gets there before he has the chance to finish her off. But he definetly wasn't done with her, not even close. She Is sent away, in witness protect, and is stuck living in a house with five trained operatives assigned to keep her safe, but even though she is tough, and rough around the edges, does she let one fall threw the cracks? Faced with all these decisions time is running out for her.


8. Afterwards

We got back to the house, and the boys were still not home. He hugged me again but I wasn't expecting it this time. "Caty I honestly don't know how I will ever repay you. I don't think there is anything I can ever do to come close to repaying you."

"Niall.. You don't have to repay me, I am honeslty just happy knowing that he is going to be okay"

"I am just.."

"Niall it is fine I swear.."

He smiled, and let go of the hug, and kissed me. I didn't know what to do, I really wasn't expecting this. It was nice, and then all of the boys walked in the door.

"Woaaaaaaah Niall!!!" Harry said, laughing

We pulled away, and both of our cheeks went red, I looked down at the ground. Zayn patted Niall on the back.

"Grow up you guys!" Niall said in a pouty voice

His accent was so cute, and I will never get over it. He grabbed my hand, and started leading me to my room. When we got in, I turned to him, and he kissed me again.

"Sorry I just really had to do that again"

"I wouldn't be mad if you did it again" I said with a smirk on my face. "But I am still cold, I need to put some clothes on"

I didn't really have a problem with him being e room when I changed but, he quickly covered his eyes, and turned around.

I laughed at him a little. I went and tapped on his shoulder, Niall its fine. I put on a pair of pj boxers, and a baggy t-shirt. He was wearing his swim trunks, and a wifebeater.

He was so cute, I loved his blue eyes, they made my insides turn to much.

"Caty, I am not gonna , let anything ever hurt you, and I mean it. They have to go threw me first." He said as he wiped a piece of hair from my face.

Wanna watch a movie?" He asked as he walked towards the TV.


He put on a funny movie, but after a while it got pretty boring, I sat up on the bed, and asked, "Can we do something else, Please?"

"Like what?"

"How are you suppose to protect me? Did you see what I did to Harry?"

He laughed, "Yeah but that's Harry, I am way stronger then him!" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Okay so lets test this then"

He smiled, and we both sat up.

"Okay, on the count of three" He said as he started to count to three, but before he could finish, I jumped on him. My surprise attack didn't work that well because he did the same. I tried really hard, but no matter what I couldn't move. He was ontop of me, and was holding my hands down. Not hard enough to hurt me but enough to keep me down.

"I win, what do I get?" He asked me smirking.

Before I had the chance to say something he was kissing me, and the his grip let go of my hands, and he was now holding mine. It was nice, and it made me forget everything, and everyone. When I was with him, I felt like I was the last person on earth, and that nobody can bug us. Nothing could break the connection we had, and it gave me butterflies flutter throughout every inch of my body.

Then his lips broke free from mine, and he sat up pulling his shirt off, then he leaned back down and kissed me. I felt his hands start to grab my hips, and slide under my shirt slowly. He grabbed hold of it, and slowly started to pull it up. I felt his lips leave mine, and then their warm soft touch all over my chest. His hands slipped underneath me, and I could feel his hands fidgeting with my bra.

Then he came back up kissing me, I was pressed up to his chest as I felt his tongue touch the outside of my lips, and enter my mouth. His hands slid down my stomach, and it sent shivers up my spine. My heart was racing, and I couldn't believe that this was all happening.

He started to pull his swim trunks off, and then grabbed the waist of the boxers I was wearing. Everything felt like pure ecstasy. It hurt unbelievably at first, but in no time it felt so amazing.

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