Love at first sight?

Missy loves teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. So much that her and her best friend, Amanda, saved up for meet and greet tickets. But would you ever guess that Missy would fall in deep love with Justin kind of like she knew him for years? How does he feel towards her? Is love at first sight just a myth?


9. Chapter 9

Missy's POV


I woke up with Justin's strong, bare body protecting mine. I thought I saw a shadow but then again I did just wake up... Huh. I tried to get up but his grip tightened. 


"You were watching me sleep?!" I asked.


"Maybe. Your just so beautiful when you sleep." He said caressing my hair.


I pecked his cheek.


"Just a peck?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.


"Yep!" I said cheery.


He shrugged and got out of bed. He went up to one of the posters I had of him that was shirtless. He stood next to it and did the famous Justin Bieber face. Oh he knew just how to make my heart melt. I got out of bed. I walked over to him and gave him a more passionate kiss.  


"Never mind," I said as I walked away. I walked to my closet and grabbed a forever 21, pink and gray, zip up work out jacket that said: Dream On. I grabbed a pink lacy bandeau. I grabbed a pair of white denim caprees. I was bare naked when I was about to slip the clothes on. I felt I pair of arms wrap around me violently. It wasn't Justin. 


"So you slept with that jerk?" A guy asked. Kendall. No no no. Kendall turned me around and fear filled my eyes. And tears. He slapped me across the face and threw me on the floor. I didn't scream because I knew he would hurt me more. He kicked me over and over again until I didn't have any more tears. "Alright, now use this liquid makeup junk to cover up the slap marks and just make sure you don't show anyone the other marks or else..." He said deviously. I nodded got the makeup from him and put it on. He hopped out my window of my closet and onto my tree. He climbed down it and ran out of my sight. I finally slipped on the clothes. I got out of the closet and put my brave face on. 


"What took you so long?" Justin asked. He was sitting on my bed playing on his phone. He had sagged jeans on and a t-shirt. Uhhhh... Excuses...


"I'm a girl... It takes forever to find an outfit and change!!" I said. No. This feels wrong. I didn't tell anybody last time but I will this time. I once dated one of Austin's friends. I broke up with him and Austin asked me out. Austin's friend beat me until there was nothing else to do. But I'm a survivor. He finally moved to Africa for some exchange student thing. I never told anybody. But I have to tell Justin this time. 


"Justin.. Can I please tell you something..." I asked.


"Anything!" He said.


I told him everything's and at this point I was bawling and in his arms. 


"Don't worry sweetie. It's ok. It's ok. We will be on tour in a few hours under Kenny's protection. It's alright. I promise." He said assuring. I nodded and cuddled up in his arms. I told him not to tell anybody. Even my mom. He can only tell Kenny. THAT'S ALL. I showed him my bruises and took the makeup off to show him quickly putting it back on. 


"Baby I'm so sorry." Is what he kept telling me. I would obviously say it's alright and not to worry about it. But I was so scared. He had contacted Kenny and told him. He also made sure that he wouldn't tell anyone. Now it was 11:45 and Kenny was picking us up and taking us to the airport in 5 minutes. 


When Kenny arrived he insisted on me showing him my bruises and marks. He game me his sincere apologies and I told him not to worry because I am fine. He didn't believe me at first but I insisted.


"We are finally here!" I yelled once we arrived at the tours first place. The whole way there Justin and Kenny kept making sure I was alright after the slightest bump in the airplane. But it made me feel... Safe. And I thank Justin for being capable of that. 


"Justin... I hate stoms." I said making up an excuse for him to cuddle with me in the car ride to the hotel. Lucky for me it was storming. 


"Awh it's alright, beauty." He said moving closer to me. My hair was put into a high messy bun because Justin told me to put it like that. I told him I was to lazy so he did it for me when we were bored on the plane. He now cuddled up against my body stroking my arm. I was actually afraid of storms so I wasn't actually lying! 


"Hey baby wanna go out for a day of fun before my concert? It's only 3:00 and it starts at 7:00!" He asked.


"Sure thing sexy!" I said winking and then giggled afterwards.


"You know you love this!" He said pointing to Jerry. I laughed.


"Woah there buddy!" I giggled.


He smiled. "We should get a dog for on tour!" He insisted. I nodded.


"Yo Kenny, can you take us to a rescue league nearby before we get to the hotel?" Justin asked.


Kenny nodded and plugged something into the GPS in the car. We got to the rescue league and walked inside. There she was. The dog of my dreams. She has to be a girl! She has a princess blanket!! I ran to the small creature and grabbed it and showed her to Justin. 


"This one please!" Justin and I said to the lady at the desk. We signed the papers and got Chewy, our new golden retriever girl, some food, toys, a cage, and a few collars. We walked out and into the car. I held Chewy and Justin pet her. This tour was gonna be great.



Or she thinks so! Dun dun dunnnnnnn!


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