Love at first sight?

Missy loves teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. So much that her and her best friend, Amanda, saved up for meet and greet tickets. But would you ever guess that Missy would fall in deep love with Justin kind of like she knew him for years? How does he feel towards her? Is love at first sight just a myth?


7. Chapter 7


Missy's POV


"Girl I'm in love with the Thought of You-oo-oo. You, you-oo-oo." I woke up to my alarm. 


"UGH WHY DONT I JUST CHANGE THIS ALREADY!?" I screamed. Waaaaaah. Shooooot. I woke up the baby. I walked to her room where she was crying. I hate my moms stupid rule: you wake the baby, you stop the cry. She isn't even my sister. She is actually my niece but we have to take care of her like she's my sister. Just for this month. 4 more days till we don't have to worry about her. She is my older brothers daughter but he is in jail for something I'm not sure of... He left us the second he turned 18 and never came back. He was always a bad kid so we saw it coming. Now my aunt gets custody because she was the only one that wants a baby. She is on her honeymoon with her new husband so we had to keep her for a month. I somehow put the baby back to sleep. 


I checked my phone. SHOOT!!!! 8:30!!!!! I have to leave my house in 15 minutes!!!! Only 15 minutes to get ready!? I ran to the shower and turned the water on. I hopped in and washed my hair and body and got out of the shower. 8:37. New record. I dried my hair in 2 minutes. 8:39. I quickly pulled my hair into a side braid. 8:40. I ran to my closet and picked out an outfit: a pair of black and white tribal print high waisted shorts, a white and black ombre cutoff shirt that starts above my belly button, and a black leather cross body purse. I put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, put the outfit on, sprayed some perfume, put some light makeup on, and ran down to my kitchen. 4:45. I ran to my car and drove to the pancake house. I was in the parking lot and I saw Kendall waiting for me with a hood covering his face outside the place. I got put of the car and walked over to him.


"Hey I'm missy!" I said cheerfully.


"Aye I'm Kendall." He said. Ooh kinda cute...


He took me to a table and Justin was sitting with a hood over his head playing on his phone. No. This isn't happening. 


"Justin." Kendall said. Justin directed his attention towards Kendall then quickly me.


"Kendall what is she doing here?" Justin said. Hurt filled me. 


"Justin I brought her here so you too could talk. And please. Don't have that tone. You know you love her. You said so last night. " Kendall said. Both Justin and I blushed. 


"I will leave you two alone." Kendall said then walked away. 


"Missy... Sit down." Justin said to me. I nodded and sat down across from him. 


"Uh did you know about this?" He asked me. 



"No. Did you?" He asked. 



"Nope. So uh now that we are here... Why did you say that you didn't mean to... Uh... You know.... Kiss.. M- me?" I stuttered letting a tear slide from my eye down my cheek and onto my lap.


"Well. I didn't mean it. I swear. And it kills me to see a girl like you hurt and crying like you are now. I didn't mean for all this to happen. I want the best for you and with you and that other jerk stuff happening, I didn't want to hurt you any more than you were. It was happening to fast for you to handle. That's at least what I thought..." He said.


"I love you. Thank you for caring for me but I needed you. I needed something like you to get me through the Austin situation. Please can we stick together?" I asked with more tears in my eyes.


"Yes. All I want is to hug you and stop all of the pain inside of you. That's all I really want." He said. 


"What's stopping you?" I said whipping my eyes. He smiled and walked over to the other side of the booth where I was sitting. He wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped mine around him. We stayed like this a while and Kendall walked over to us. 


"Oh hey man. Thanks for all of this. " Justin said.


"yeah thanks." I said and smiled.


Kendall smiled,"No problem. Can we order?" He asked.


"Yeah I'm starving!" I said.


Just then the waiter walked over. 


"Hey guys. And hott girl. I'm Matt what can I get for you?" He said. Uh oh. I couldn't help it but blush. Justin noticed. He tightened his grip. There was an awkward silence.


"So uh hott girl. I'm hoping this is your brother? Or friend. Cuz girl you are beautiful. Your name?" Matt asked. Before I could say anything Justin butted in.


"Her name is Missy. I'm her boyfriend. Please can we just all get our food?" Justin asked annoyed.


"Justin your my boyfriend?"  I asked hopeful.


"Only if you want too!" He assured me. 


"Of course! Are you crazy!!" I smiled and kissed his cheek. 


"Uhm this is awkward. But what would you guys like to eat?" Matt asked.


"banana nut pancakes please!" I said.


"I will have the same" Justin and Kendall said at the same time. I giggled. 


"Alright so everyone wants what the sexy lady wants?" Matt asked. This time I was kind of insulted.


"Justin, go ahead. He deserves it." I whispered to Justin.


"Oh yeah. And I would also like for the big jerk to shut up and get our food or no tip! Remember right now you work for me!" Justin said and smiled sarcastically.


"I'm good. We can take it outside if you want." Matt said. Oh no.


" Sure thing buttercup," Justin said. I'm not happy but it's kind of cool to be fought over...


Justin stood up and through a punch at Matt but Matt dodged it and punched Justin. Justin fell to the ground. 


"AHHHHHH!" Iscreamed.


"Missy it's ok. I will get Matt away. You just try and get Justin up. Ok?" Kendall said.


"alright.." I said a little scared.


Kendall picked up Matt who was ALOT shorter than Kendall so it was easy for him.


I shook Justin. Nothing. By then we had caused a seen so I can't scream his name... I don't know what the heck I was doing so I just kissed him. Passionately. He woke up. Thank gosh. I don't know what I woulda have done if he wouldn't have... I know we just started dating but I think I love him...



I hope you guys liked that! Since I have been doing such short chapters I wanted to make this one long for you guys! I love you all! 

Please comment, favorite, and like! Love you all! 










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