Love at first sight?

Missy loves teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. So much that her and her best friend, Amanda, saved up for meet and greet tickets. But would you ever guess that Missy would fall in deep love with Justin kind of like she knew him for years? How does he feel towards her? Is love at first sight just a myth?


4. Chapter 4

Missy's POV  

I saw Kenny walking my way. Oh boy. AMANDA! I forgot to tell her!!! Nooooo!

  "Missy you coming? Concert is over let's go." She questioned.    "Uhm I forgot to tell you Amanda but uhm. I'mgoingouttodinnerwithjustintonight." I said the last part fast.   "Eeeeee! Have fun! Love ya!" She squealed and embraced me in a hug.   I smiled and waved as I walked towards Kenny.   "Hey are you Missy?" Kenny asked me.    "I sure am!"   He lead me backstage to an exhausted Justin.   "Hey Justin!" I said trying to stay calm. But who could be when you are hanging out with Justin Bieber tonight!?   "Hey missy! Imma go get a shower and change! Why don't you go with, Amber, Ryan Good's new girlfriend?"    "Sure!" I said. A pretty, petite girl walked over to me.    "Hey I'm amber!" The girl said.   "Hi! I'm missy!" I said back. She smiled and lead me to a small room full of dresses. I was in awe at how many dresses were in here!    "So pick a dress and come over to this desk and I will do you hair and makeup then I will let you change in the bathroom across the hall!" She said pointing to a desk  among the many racks of dresses.   I smiled. "Sounds good! So you really like Ryan?" I asked while looking through racks of dresses.    "Yeah." She blushed,"How about you and Justin? And what about Selena?" She asked while plugging a crimper into the wall.   "Well we are just friends! And I heard they broke up for good last month?" I asked.   "Oh yeah! Forgot about that! Haha! He's all yours!" She winked.   "We will see about that! Haha! I don't really know him that well so that is the purpose of tonight! So what is Ryan doing right now?" I asked.   "Helping Justin actually! Haaah!" She laughed.   I slipped a few laughs and gasped. I found the perfect dress.   "Amber what about this dress?" I asked holding up a baby blue dress with golden sequins and the top and fade away as you get to the bottom. The dress would be tight fitted at the top but as the sequins fade the dress would get loose and puff out a little. The dress would be down to my mid thighs if I put it on.   "That's the one." She said amazed at what her eyes were seeing. I smiled. I hung the dress up on an empty rack and walked over to the desk where Amber was waiting. She did my makeup and hair quote fast and I took the dress across the hall to the bathroom. I changed and looked into the full length mirror. I smiled. My hair was crimped and I had a headband braid. My dress with perfectly. And my makeup was done oh so perfectly.  I walked back across the hall and caught Amber's attention because she ran over and embraced me in a hug.   "You look beautiful!" She greeted.   "Thanks to you!" I replied giggling.   "Lets go get you to your prince!" She smiled at me.   I giggled and we walked out of the room. We walked back to the main room of the venue. There he was. Looking stunning as ever. His eyes scanned my body up and down as he bit his lip. I blushed.    "Hey Missy. You look nice." He smiled. He looked hot. He was in a black tux that was perfect for him.   Nice? I look nice? Only nice!? Oh yeah, he still thinks I'm dating Austin. I better tell him I'm not. But I will make it subtle!    "Thanks. You too." I kept blushing.   "Uh follow me." He said as he lead me to a private lawn somewhere in the venue. It was breathtaking. The few trees that were in it were covered in little led lights that lit up the night.    "Justin. This is amazing." I said. He smiled and led me over to a table with food sitting on it. He pulled out my chair and I sat down. He then sat in his.   "Justin I would like to tell you what happened at the meet and greet..." I told him everything.   "Missy I'm so sorry!" He said sincerely.   "Don't be. He was a jerk." I smiled.    Maybe this won't be so bad…   ____________________________________   sorry about how boring this is! Please like, comment and favorite! Oh and the comments I got already got are so nice! They actually made my day! So I have so many plans for this fanfic and I want you guys to enjoy it! So thank you so much! Love ya! Xoxo -Unknown<3
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