Love at first sight?

Missy loves teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. So much that her and her best friend, Amanda, saved up for meet and greet tickets. But would you ever guess that Missy would fall in deep love with Justin kind of like she knew him for years? How does he feel towards her? Is love at first sight just a myth?


3. Chapter 3

Missy's POV

And in that moment, something life changing happened.


I looked into his brown orbs and I felt sparks, no, fireworks. I felt fireworks. He must of felt something like I felt because he personally came up to me and introduced himself.


"Hi... I'm uh Justin." He said.


I smiled. "Uhm h-hi. I'm uh... Uh... Missy." I said like a dork would.


I felt an arm go around my waist. Austin. I look at his other hand formed in a fist. Uh oh.


"uhm missy? Will you follow me please?" Justin asked.


I nodded. He took my hand and lead me to a room where nobody could see us.


"So uhm missy... That guy..was he your uhm… boyfriend?" He asked.


"uhm yeah..." I answered. Suddenly hurt filled his eyes. 


"Oh. Well I'm sorry about taking you away from him. He looked pretty ma-" I cut him off.


"don't ever be sorry about anything like that. I should be sorry for leading you on and-" this time he cut me off.


"Don't be sorry. Please. It's alright. Can I take you out to dinner after the concert? You know… as just friends? Please? So I can get to know you? And you aren't going out with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. You are going out with the normal Canadian kid, Justin. Please? I can have Kenny come to your seat after the concert and take you backstage? Please?" He asked.


"I would be honored!" I squealed. I showed him my ticket and he wrote down my seat. He smiled and we went back to where he introduced himself. I didn't see Amanda or Austin. I looked around and saw Amanda hiding behind a table? I walked over.


"Uh Amanda? What are you doing?" I asked as she pulled me down under the table. "What the heck!?" I whisper yelled knowing she would shush me if I yelled.


"if I show you this do you promise me not to get toooo upset? I'm doing this for your own good!" She whispered. I nodded.


She lifted her head and I mimicked her doing the same. She rose her hand and pointed at something horrific. I knew this would happen. What did I do to deserve this? Tears started crashing down my cheeks. How could Austin just find a random girl and start making out with her like he does to me. Except when he did it to this girl I knew instantly the story. I saw tears coming from the girls eyes. She didnt want this. Her eyes were wide open and I could tell she was trying to get out of his grip. He wanted to make me jealous. Well it worked but I wasn't going to let him know that. I stood up and with confidence I walked over to them. I tapped Austin's shoulder.


"Having fun?" I asked sarcastically.


"I'm so sorry. I didn't want this to happen! He said something about making his girlfriend jealous and then he grabbed me and then this happened I'm so sorry!!" The girl told me with tears coming from her eyes. 


"It's alright." I said and Amanda dragged her away so Austin and I could talk.


"Austin. Why?" I asked.


"Isn't it obvious? You were with that gayyyyyyyyyy, with 12 letter cuz that's how old he is, and I wanted to make you jealous." He said carelessly.


Anger started boiling in my blood. "First of all, we are though. Second, don't ever talk to me again. Third, get out of my life. Fourth, Justin and I are just friends. And finally fifth, GAY HAS THREE LETTER JUST LIKE Y-O-U!!!!" I yelled the last part.


I turned around and ran right into Justin without noticing. 


"Missy what's wrong?" He asked concerned.


"I will tell you after the concert." I huffed. 


I ran over to Amanda and she calmed me down. She always so good at that. I tried to forget what happened so I can enjoy the rest of the night. The concert was over fast and now came the date. No missy it's not a date! It's just two friends! Oh boy this will be interesting.…!


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