Love at first sight?

Missy loves teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. So much that her and her best friend, Amanda, saved up for meet and greet tickets. But would you ever guess that Missy would fall in deep love with Justin kind of like she knew him for years? How does he feel towards her? Is love at first sight just a myth?


2. Chapter 2

Missy's POV   Today was the day. The day I meet Justin Bieber. Austin is coming because his parents are very rich and gave him the money so I'm exited about that too. I took at deep breath in and exhaled as I got out of my queen size bed with a bright purple comforter. I sat up at was greeted by my many Justin Bieber posters. I walked to my closet and picked out my special outfit for today. I gently placed it on my bed. Amanda and I made the shirt and planned our makeup and hair. Amanda should be arriving at my house at 11:00 and it is 10:53. I hopped in my shower and used the usual coconut shampoo and conditioner and washed my body until it was clean as can be. I dried off in the shower being careful not to get any water on the floor. Once dry I hopped out of the shower and turned on my curling iron and walked out of my bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. I saw Amanda sitting on my bed playing on her phone. I smiled. She must have known I was in the room because she looked up from her phone and saw me and smiled.    "AHHHHHHHH!" We screamed together.   "Alright you got a shower already right?" I asked.   "Yeah I got one before I came." She answered.   "Alright your hair is dry?" I asked.   "Yeah I dried it too!" She answered while feeling her brown hair that was the same length as mine.   "Kk. Lemme dry my hair. You get out all of the makeup we need. And get out 2 purple headbands and I have a sharpie over there. Write something bieber related on the them." I said while pointing to the headbands and sharpie.   She nodded and I walked to my bathroom to dry my hair.   10 MINUTES LATER:   "Hey I'm all ready." I said.   "Alright come here." She demanded.   I walked over. She handed me the outfit I set on the bed earlier. I was a pair of purple soffe shorts and written on the but was "BIEBER" with pink hearts surrounding it, a white tank top, and a purple crop top the had all of the songs on his believe album written on it with a picture of him on it.   I put the clothes on as did Amanda with her matching outfit. We faced each other and squealed. We then did our hair and makeup and soon it was 2:09 and the meet and greet started at 3:00. Austin got to out house at 2:15.    "Hey Boo." I said to Austin and I walked down the stairs.   "Hey Cutie." He winked while pulling me into a hug.    I smiled at him.   "You look beautiful you know. Lemme add sexy also." He said winking.   I blushed and quickly tried to hind my face in his chest.   He lifted my chin up making me look at him.    "That's alright beautiful. You look hott when you blush." He said and then kissed me.    It was a soft peck. I wanted more. I leaned in for another and so did he. We stared kissing for a while and soon it turned into a make out session. While still making out I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me up to my room. We layer on my bed and continued.    Someone cleared there throat. Amanda.   "Oh uhm... H-Hey A-Am-man-d-da." Austin stuttered.   Amanda and I bursted out laughing. So hard my stomach hurt.    Austin sat there confused.   "Sorry sexy I forgot she was up here!" I said in between giggles.   "But you were really turning me on! I was about to start ripping off clothes!" He said.   "WOAH! I'm 19! I wasn't planning on that! I was just tired so I wanted to lay down!!! You're such a perv!" I yelled while giggling.   We got in the car and drove to the venue. We went inside the meet and greet. There he was. We locked eyes and something life changing happened.   END OF CHAPTER   Sorry bout that cliffy!  Xoxo -Unknown<3
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