Absolute Boyfriend

Cheska is the type of girl that has NBSB A.K.A No Boyfriend Since Birth. When she finds out that she's in love with Niall Horan ......... it will change her life.


1. Chapter 1

Cheska's POV

I woke up 8:30 in the morning, I was alone in my flat so it was perfectly quiet. I went down to the kitchen and made some pasta for my breakfast. My phone rang, I got a text from Lia " Hey Cheska! I feel so bored right now..... Wanna meet up later? " I replied with so much excitement, I haven't seen her for like a month or two. " Sure! Let's meet at Shake it and have milkshakes there ;) " She replied immediately " Sound's like a plan! 10:00 exact" I checked the clock and it was already 8:56. I went to my room and dozed off for a while...... I woke up at 9:30 already, I slept so long. I took my warm bath and threw on a pink layered top, short shorts and flats.  



Sorry for the short chapter :P

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